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10 Best Paleo Christmas Cookie Recipes

Christmas cookies are always a fun way to get into the Holiday spirit.  What better way to celebrate than to make them, Paleo style!  You don’t have to skip out on the fun Christmas Season, but you can certainly make Paleo Christmas Cookies to enjoy a sweet treat and still stay on track with your Paleo fitness living.  

10 Best Paleo Christmas Cookie Recipes

We guarantee you will love these Paleo Christmas Cookie Recipes that you will even take them to your next WOD and your Coach will fall in love!  

Don’t skip out on your Paleo eating habits just because of the season, use these 10 Best Paleo Christmas Cookie Recipes to charm your sweet tooth and stay on track!

1. Paleo Buckeyes

paleo christmas cookie buckeye

 Image Via LivingWellMom

An old traditional favorite, Paleo Buckeyes are here to entice you with their chewy, rich peanut butter chocolate flavor.  Who can’t turn down peanut butter all wrapped up in chocolate, presented in small bite sized balls?  No one ever!  But of course, with that paleo twist that will keep you from regretting it the next day!  To get the full recipe click here.

2. Paleo Molasses Cookies

paleo christmas cookie molasses

Image Via EatFit.Cooking

Rich, flavorful, and gooey, molasses cookies are a true delight.  But Paleo Molasses Cookies are even better!  To top it off, these cookies will fill the house with the best holiday cookie smells.  No need to feel like you're missing out with this traditional cookie recipe with a twist!  Here's the full recipe, click here. 

3. Paleo Sugar Cookies

paleo christmas cookie sugar

Image Via MeaningfulEats

Traditional, fun crafty, and kid friendly, all describe these awesome paleo sugar cookies!  This recipe includes almond flour and is gluten free and grain free!  When you make this batch of Christmas cookie, be sure to double the batch because you will probably have a few as they come right out of the oven!  Easy to decorate and incorporate some good old cookie making family time! Click Here to see the recipe. 

4. Paleo Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

paleo christmas cookie pumpkin

Image Via MyNaturalFamily.com

We’re in December, nut that doesn’t mean Pumpkin is out of season!  If you aren’t full of pumpkin yet, then you will love this paleo ready pumpkin chocolate chip cookies!  Check out the full recipe here.

5. Paleo Gingerbread Cookies

paleo christmas cookie ginerbread

Image Via PhysicalKitchness

These sweet treats are a hot seller at any Christmas Cookie exchange, and your friends will never know they were “healthy cookies.”  You will have to have some serious willpower if you make a few dozen of these Paleo Gingerbread Cookies!  Read the full recipe here.

6. Paleo Raspberry Thumbprint Cookies

paleo christmas cookie berry

Image Via Texanerin

Feeling a little fancy and want to impress your guests?  Try making some paleo raspberry thumbprint cookies.  While the sweet, melt-in-your-mouth raspberry flavor is is die for, you will love knowing you are still running strong with your Paleo Diet.  So why eat two?  Visit here for the full recipe.  

7. Paleo Hot Cocoa Cookies

paleo christmas cookie popper

Image Via FitFoodieFinds

No fear of gaining weight here with these cookies.  But if you want to gain friends, take a batch of these to your next overhead press session social hangout night and be amazed by how many of your friends will love them!  Feel free to hide the fact that they are Paleo, no one will ever know!  Check it out here

8. Paleo Peppermint Patties

paleo christmas cookie patties

Image Via Jays Baking Me Crazy

It’s certainly not the Christmas season without something Peppermint flavored.  These perfect paleo peppermints are the easiest to make, totally naturally flavored, and so delectable you won’t be able to stop at just one.  Read the recipe here!

9. Paleo Cookie Dough Fudge

paleo christmas cookie fudge

Image Via Bravo For Paleo

Oh fudge!  You can’t seem to get through the season without it.  And let's face it, its not just fudge, it’s cookie dough fudge.  This fabulous gluten-free, Paleo and super delicious recipe will certainly have you doubling the batch to share with family.  Or just to keep for yourself.  Read the full recipe here.

10. Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookie

paleo christmas cookie 2

Image Via Texanerin

Back to the old love.  There’s not much else in this world that is as good as a cup of milk and chocolate chip cookies.  Now you can make these totally guilt-free and gluten free paleo chocolate chip cookies!  

So there they are!  The top 10 best Paleo Christmas cookie recipes available on the web today.  No need to go digging through all the paleo channels to find the perfect one.  Are you ready to fill your home full of the Christmas baking smells without the guilt trip?  Pick your favorite, try it out, and let us know how your Paleo Christmas cookie recipe turned out!


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