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10 Day Gut and Butt Workout Challenge

Christmas is the best time of year for fun and celebration.  But it’s the worst time to allow calories and extra fat to creep up around your midsection.  By just doing a little bit every day, you can blast away the Christmas calories you are sure in intake and keep those core muscles alive through the Holiday festivities.  

Don’t let the Christmas calories stick with you through New Years!

Take our 10 Day Gut and Butt challenge to keep away those Christmas Calories

Day 1

5 Minute Jump Rope - 20 Squats - 20 Crunches

Day 2

5 Minute High Knee - 20 Lunges - 1 Minute Plank

Day 3

5 Minute Jump Rope - 25 Squats - 30 Crunches

Day 4

5 Minute Jumping Jacks - 25 Lunges - 2 Minute Plank

Day 5

Rest Day!

Day 6

10  Minute Jump Rope - 30 Squats - 30 Sit Ups

Day 7

10  Minute High Knee - 30 Lunges - 2 Minute Plank

Day 8

10 Minute Jump Rope - 35 Squats - 40 Sit Ups

Day 9

10 Minute Jumping Jacks - 40 Lunges - 2 Minute Plank

Day 10

10 Minute Jumping rope - 40 Squats - 50 Sit Ups

Love this workout?  Save this write-up and print it out for your daily use, or download it to your phone and pull it up whenever you’re ready for your daily gut and butt workout routine!

Exercise Explanations and Variations


You’ve heard it said many time - don’t let your knees go past your toes!  If you have a hard time with this, use a chair or suspension trainer to help you keep your balance and keep your weight in your heals.


Video by Tone and Tighten


Notice how she’s going down - not forward!  Make sure you do the same amount of lunges on the right leg and you do on the left leg to keep it even.


Video by Bowflex


Planks might seem easy, until you start quivering at the 30-second mark.  There are many various ways to amp up your plank if you think you need more of a challenge.

Image by MensFitness.com

Basic Jump Rope

Jumping rope is one of the easiest and most effective forms of cardio.  Check out our blog post to get an update on jumping rope and the different variations you can do to amplify your jump rope routine.


Video by Myleadersource

High Knee

High knees kind of will resemble running in place, only you actually lift your knees up until your thighs are parallel to the ground.  


Image Via http://hiitacademy.com/

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