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10 Fitness Gifts for Father's Day


Breaking news:  Your dad probably wants more than a necktie this Father’s Day.  After all, he’s a “gym Dad,” and works very hard during his workouts during the week.  When was the last time you saw him in a necktie anyway?

There are plenty of options for the gym junkie Dad in your life, especially if you're on a budget and need a quick last minute idea.

There’s a fitness gift for every kind of father, too, from wrist wraps for the weightlifters, (check out Survival and Cross’ new wrist wraps on Amazon) to daypack backpacks for the dads who just want to go for a hike with the family.  Father’s day fit-gifts are some of the best and most purchased items this season because of the variety of styles in workouts these days.  Dad doesn’t have to just have a gym membership to workout anymore.  There are awesome fitness tools and gear he would love to have to start his own at home gym.

For the #gymjunkie Dad in your life, check out some of our favorite gift ideas for this Father’s Day.  For the ultimate Father’s Day gift, try giving Dad a “gym in a bag” and put a bunch of fitness gear inside.  That way, he’s ready for his workout while traveling or in his home gym!

Ab mat

The ab mat is designed with a specific, and functional 30-degree arch which allows your abs to perform a full range of motion sit-up.  The tool removes the hip flexors from the sit- up range of motion, allowing for a greater load to be put on the lower portion of the abs.  But without getting too involved with why this is good or how it works, all you really need to know is this:  Ab Mat + Sit-Ups = Better Abs.  And your gym loving dad needs one.  Who doesn’t love working out abs?

Wrist wraps

You might not know or understand all the tools needed in your Dad's gym routine, but we can assure you wrist wraps are a daily need.  If your Dad loves weights and lifts heavy on a weekly basis, they probably use wrist wraps.  You don’t want your Dad to ever experience wrist injury, so make sure they have a fresh pair of sturdy wrist wraps.  

Gym tank

Most Dads probably just grab a t-shirt to throw on before their workout.  This Father’s Day, why not get Dad a gym tank that truly speaks his personality.  Dad likes to tell it like it is!  He’ll love a workout tank that rocks, keeps him cool, and makes other people smile.  Our quirky gym tanks will do just that.

Speed jump rope

You might not know how important jump ropes are, but the fit dad in your life does!  Speed jump ropes are used in almost every WOD (workout of the day).  Beyond just gym gurus, boxers and any ring fighter will use a jump rope to warm up and get the heart pumping before a workout or training session.  This Father’s Day give Dad a speed jump rope and tell him to “float like a butterfly sting like a bee,” he’ll probably know what you’re talking about! (famous boxer, Muhammad Ali quote) Because there is virtually no space needed to get in a good cardio with a jump rope - it is also ideal for in home use.  


To tie a nice bow around our 10 Fitness Gifts for Father’s Day for the gym freak in your life, you should consider a gym backpack.  Specifically, one that folds into a small, sandwich size, pouch when not in use.  This backpack is tear resistant vinyl and can carry a 20 lbs weight inside with no problem and is water resistant.  Not that they will be putting weights in it.  They will probably be using it to store all the awesome things you got for them as they trek back and forth to the gym or everyday!  


Even though we are about to hit summertime, you can never go wrong with giving Dad an awesome hoodie for the winter workouts.  There’s nothing like stepping out of the gym when you're dripping with sweat and getting hit in the face with the chilly fall air.  Some guys even wear hoodies during workouts to better sweat out toxins and drop water weight.  These funny hoodies are a hit so check out our special Father’s Day designs.

Ab wheel

Abdominal core workouts: The most triggered muscle group any fit dad targets regularly to get washboard abs they can be proud of.  By using ab wheels, any gym freak can get a killer ab workout anytime, anywhere.  Regular sit ups and weighted crunches can get so boring, let Dad roll out his core workouts with an awesome set of ab wheels to spice up his at home workouts.

Coffee Mugs

Everyone loves a good cup of coffee in the morning.  Especially if you know you have a tough workout later in the day!   Get your caffeine fix and stay reminded of the appointment you made with yourself later...the gym. This 11 oz, dishwasher safe and microwave safe coffee mugs make awesome gifts for Father’s Day.


For the traditional Dad, one can never have too many t-shirts.  Have you ever counted how many t-shirts he has?  It’s probably more than his wife has shoes...but what’s one more, right?  Especially if it’s one that speaks his own mind!  Dad’s like to “tell it like it is” and so do our motivational gym t-shirts.  

Exercise Ball

Exercise balls are fastly being rediscovered for home gym use, and not just for the yoga and palates lover.  Our Survival and Cross exercise ball will come with a specific, helpful, exercise guide that will assist in any fitness fanatics workout routine.  What’s not to love about a giant bouncy ball addition to your workout toolkit?

So this Father's Day, give Dad some awesome fitness related gifts that he will love.  After all, Dads are practical, and so is a gym gift that will help keep him on the path towards his fitness goals!  



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