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10 Unique Ab Workouts For Building Sexy Abs

Ever get stuck in a rut doing the same kind of ab exercises week after week?  Not seeing the results you want to get your 6-pack by summer?  It might be time to switch it up a little. 

 While routine is a good thing, like working out every day, waking up early, and getting stuff done on time, the routine can stunt the growth of muscles if you do not change things up a bit. 

We've compiled a list of fitness gurus and exercises that you can try to wake your abs up and change up your fitness routine.

From standing ab exercises to floor moves, gym weights, and at home gym tools, we have listed a full and complete video list of some unique ab workouts that promise to build sexy abs for summer and for life.  

10 Unique Ab Workouts For Building Sexy Abs

Standing Ab Moves 

It's getting warm out!  Who wants to be stuck in a gym all the time doing the same routine day after day.  It's time to get out and take your ab workout to the local park or backyard....but you don't want to chase laying down in dog poop to do your crunch.  With this awesome workout by KymNonStop, you don't have to.  Great quick ab workout to throw in after a jog or jump rope session.  

Video by KymNonStop

10-Minute Abs Circuit Training Workout

Mike throws a unique ab circuit workout in by using controlled, steading motions to target upper, middle and lower abs in easy motions.  But get ready, if you perform this 10-minute ab circuit, you will be burning in pain (just like Mike at the end of the video - must watch!)   but the results will be well worth it!  No equipment needed for this workout and you can either count reps and do a max of 20 reps per exercise or use a 30-second Tabata timer.  Good luck!

 Video by Mike Donavanik

Exercise Ball Ab Workout

If you think exercise ball workouts are meant for your granny's yoga class then you have it all wrong.  Exercise balls can give you a great core workout that targets stabilizer muscles as well as larger muscle groups helping you build an overall toned look.  Not to mention is make the exercises more challenging and fun if you are looking for a break from the typical sit-ups and crunches exercises. 

Video by Natalie Jill Fitness

The Gym Junkies Ab Exercises

If you go to the gym and prefer working out on machines and benches then we wanted to include some gym variations for your core workouts.  Use these exercises to switch up your routine and build an amazing strong core.  These aren't for beginners, however, you can do each of these exercises either a lower incline, lighter weight, or lower reps to get you started at your level.  Be sure to continually engage your core without using your hip flexors within these movements.  

Video by Mike Thurston

Ab Training Circuit Beginner and Advanced

Whitney never fails to amuse and inspire us to get the workout on and do our best no your fitness level.  Using plank, leg raises, and flutter kick variations Whitney demonstrates and walks you through these exercises making them look easy, when in fact, they are far from it.   

Video by Whitney Simmons

Ab Workouts To X-Tiction 

Athlean-X always does a fantastic job of leveling really hard workouts to make them achievable for athletes of any level.  His workout here consists of 6 different ab exercises, no tools required, done for a certain amount of time or until you cannot perform the exercise any longer, therefore, becoming "x-tinct" on that move. This gives you somewhere to start.  The next time you workout abs, your goal will be to push longer into the full time or reps required.  It's very challenging and would be a great workout to do with a partner if you have a little bit of a competitor's edge.  

Video by Athlean-X

6-Pack Ab Gym Routine

This routine has a little bit of every move but still skips the ever boring and traditional crunches and sit ups.  Each exersise should be done with 15-20 reps and in sets of 3 for a kill ab workout that you will not be able to laugh at later.  

Video by Carly Rowena

Karol Priscilla's Ab Drills At The Gym

Another awesome choice for your ab routine if you have a gym membership.  Going to using a suspension trainer, medicine ball, hanging bar, all the way to other ab machines, Karol easily walks through each exercise to show you how to use them.  While she makes them look easy, these ab exercises are anything but easy.  

Video by Karol Pricilla

Insane Train - 5-Minute 6-Pack Workout

This is the insane train workout because it's a 5-minute nonstop workout.  Designed to get your abs burning and keep them burning, you will move through some basic ab exercises but with the use of a weighted ball.  By keeping your abs at the burn out point you will be able to see results quickly and gain core strength.  If you have to take a break, do so, but keep it minimum as the goal is to do the entire exercise without a break.  

Video by OfficialthenX

Jump Rope Plus Ab Workout

We all know you can work abs all day long but if you till have a layer of fat on top you might not be able to physically see the hard work you've put in.  This unique ab exercise adds a little bit of a cardio twist that will help you shred that stubborn fat and reveal the 6-pack you've been creating all along.  So grab a jump rope and follow The Jump Rope Dudes for this awesome cardio abs combo workout. 

Video by The Jump Rope Dudes

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