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10 DIY Garage Gym Gear Projects

Top 10 DIY Garage Gym Gear Projects You Need To Start Your Functional Gym 

So, you woke up this morning and decided you were going to get into shape, start a gym routine, or just generally increase your physical preparedness because you just watched the last episode of the Walking Dead.  

Well good.  But then you realized you’re too cheap to spend the monthly dues for a gym or YMCA.  Nothing good comes cheap - but good can come from a little bit of hard work and some DIY action.  

Keep in mind there are a few simple and cost effective items that you should just grab that make a fantastic addition to your garage gym.  Just one example is most fitness WOD’s and boxer routines call for such items like a speed cable jump rope for crossovers and double unders.  It will save you time and frustration if you just pick a decent rope up for yourself rather than trying to make one.

Unless you're hippie like that and you want everything to be homemade.  In which case, do you make your own deodorant?  

Check out these 10 DIY Projects to create your own Garage Gym Gear.  

  • Olympic Rings
  • Plyometrics Box
  • Wall Balls
  • Weight SLed
  • Sandbag
  • Parallettes
  • Power Rack
  • Kettlebell
  • Tractor Tires

 1- Olympic Rings


This is an easy level project you can start with show by the awesome team at EndofThreeFitness.com.  Check out their post on how to make these awesome rings for your next WOD Muscle ups!

2- Plyometric Box

There are of course other project plans out there to build your own boxes for box jumps. But this is the one we found to be the easiest and most cost effective.  They are such a great tool for your workout - there's no reason why every room in your house shouldn't have one.  

In fact, build one for each of your doorways so you have to jump them to get into every room. 


3- Wall Balls

Everyone loves these right?  It's like throwing the ball around on the playground again only now as an adult it makes you sweet, grit your teeth in agony and get awesomely ripped muscles later! 



4- Weight Sled

Another easy project you could almost make from stuff around your garage or yard.  You can weigh the sled down with almost anything you can think of like cinder blocks, sandbags, wood, small children, ect.  

We've especially found the small children option to be exceptionally fun and entertaining for both parties involved. 


5- Sandbags

Like any functional fitness excersize, sandbags kick butt and can be scaled to your level however you need.  They really make you go all beast mode and by the end of run with these bad boys, you'll be ready to Hulk out and tear some stuff up. 

But please don't for the sake of the community and your family.  

Captain America: "Doctor Banner, now might be a good time for you to get angry."

Hulk: "That's my secret, Captain: I'm always angry."



 6- Safety Squat Bar

This little project might be more involved but still it's a great addition to your DIY home gym.



7-  PVC Parallettes

Parallettes - because who doesn't want to be able to do a handstand for 5 minutes straight, mid air, with no wall support!  If you've ever used parallel bars or parallettes, you know how killer they can be.  So this one's for all you 'take it to the park' strength builders out there.  



8- Power Rack

This power rack is sturdy, durable and looks just like the gym racks.  But it's made of wood!  Now you can have your own power rack in your garage at a fraction of the cost!

 WARNING: Big boy power tools will be needed to construct this projects.  Please be aware that using such tools as power drills and hand saws may cause an excess amount of fun.  We are not responsible for how much fun you have while making this project nor are we responsible for the benefits of your good health and enjoyment in using your homemade power rack. 



9- Kettlebell

Now no more paying a fortune in shipping for a kettlebell or driving all around looking for one over 3 pounds at your local Dicks Sporting Goods.  These kettlebells are heavy, easy to make and cost around 15 bucks and your time.


Seth Iliff

10- Tractor Tire

No You can’t make one, but we’ll tell you where to find one!   Any junk yard or tire yard that has tractor tires has to dispose of them and pay to do so; you are considered a blessing to take what they consider a liability off their hands.  

Note:  If you’re lucky enough to live in the country - We do not suggest taking a tire off of a tractor that has it in use.  But you could ask the kind hearted farmer if he’s got any used tires he could give you!

Here’s an awesome video of 10 things you can do with a tractor tire in your garage gym!



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