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10 Best Resistance Band Exercises

Best Band Exercises for Bombarding Muscle Groups With a Blast of Power for Mass

(yeah we like to unleash a little bit - it's part of who we are at Survival and Cross)

Resistance bands aren’t for me.  I prefer heavy free weights - not some rubber band my grandma uses during her pilates class.”  

You’ve probably heard someone comment about bands before or even said this before yourself.  (Although, kudo’s to your Granny for staying in shape and staying off the couch)  

What you might not know is that with the right bands you can get in a workout that is equal to or even better than if you had used free weights.  This could be useful if you travel a lot and Delta airline wants to rob you blind for trying to fit you 50 lbs dumbbells in your bag.  What were you thinking anyway?

All you need is a band and a little bit’a know how and you can get in an exhausting workout that is proven to show quick results.  

I can sit here and tell you all about concentric and eccentric part of resistance training that results in better range of motion strength and complete stimulation….but let's face it...that’s the kind of stuff you skip over when reading the other articles anyway.  

So I won’t.

All you really need to know is the big difference is that resistance bands provide you with constant tension as you move through the exercise.  It means your energy is spent to the maximum potential and thus….gains for you!

I took a second to gather some youtube videos of a ton of awesome resistance band exercises for you.  This first video by The ZeusFitness of http://www.zeusfitness.com/ is an awesome compilation of the top 10 basic resistance band exercies.  Keep in mind he’s using a split band but our research has shown using the loop bands gives you more resistance in the workout depending on the level of band you're using.


Bicep Curls

  • Stand in the middle of the loop with one foot holding onto the opposite end with both hands - palms up
  • Curl your biceps up bring your fists up to your chest
  • Release bring your arms back down


Side lateral Raises

  • Stand in the middle of the loop with one foot holding the opposite end with both hands - palms down
  • Raise your arms out to either side of you slowly to shoulder level
  • Release bring your arms back down
  • Don’t snatch your arms out - keep it slow and steady



  • Stand in the middle of the band with one foot while stretching out your other foot behind you
  • Hold the opposite end of the band in both hands and at least up to your chin
  • Proceed to do a lunge upward keeping the band at chin level
  • Your foot that’s behind you should raise onto your toes
  • You should feel the resistance as you move to a standing position again
  • Do this for 10 reps and then switch legs


Tricep Extension

  • Secure the end of your band to a door post or something stable (should be well above your head to provide maximum resistance from your band)  
  • Holding the band on the opposite end, palms down
  • Extend your triceps to your sides and then release back up
  • Do not try to thrust your hip into the movement - let your arms do the work


Standing Row

  • Secure the end of your band to a door post or something stable (again - we’ll stress ‘something stable’ and above your head)
  • Get into a half squat position, move away from the post to give yourself more resistance with your band
  • Start with your arms extended in front of you and then pull them in towards your chest in a rowing motion.
  • Keep your palms facing each other



  • Stand in the middle of your band with both feet spread shoulder width apart
  • Hold the opposite end of the band in both hands and on the outside of your forearms
  • Proceed into a squat position with your thighs parallel to the ground
  • Raise up to a standing position and keep the tension in the band as you come up
  • Be sure to keep your back straight in the squat


Shoulder Press

  • Stand with one foot in the middle of the loop band
  • Hold the opposite end of the band with both hand at shoulder height - palms facing forward
  • Press your arms up over your head
  • Release by bring your arms back down again


Glute Extension

  • On all fours - put one foot inside the resistance band loop and hold the opposite with both hands on the floor
  • Press your leg backward and up feeling the resistance increase as you move out (for more resistance pressure, increase the amount of the band you’re holding in your hands)
  • Release bring your leg back down and under you but don’t let you knee touch the floor
  • Do 10 reps and then alternate legs


Chest Press

  • Secure the end of your band to a door post or something stable (remember - something solid and stable - and well above your head - please don’t pull a tree down on your head though)
  • Move one foot behind you for stability and have your weight evenly distributed
  • Palms forward holding tight, press the band out in front of you in a full extension
  • Release again letting your fists come to chest level and elbows going behind you


Front Raises

  • Stand in the..yeah you know...and one foot out behind you slightly
  • Grip one end of the band in one hand palm down
  • Raise your fist high or at least head level
  • 10 reps and then switch hands


The above exercises are all for more of your major muscle groups and will provide an awesome workout to those groups.  

But also check out this video by Athlean-X of http://athleanx.com that talks about using resistance bands in those smaller muscle groups that we often forget about.  These are the muscles that support the largest one in most exercises.  Strengthen these and you strengthen all of them over all.  


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Rob Foote on April 14 2020 at 12:45PM

Great video. Thank you.

Joe Nyambura on June 05 2017 at 03:40PM

Thank you so much for this article. Let me say I stumbled upon it at the opportune moment and decided to buy the resistance bands. I haven’t been able to put them away since then especially after discovering all the cool exercises that I can do with them like the side lateral raises and the lunges.

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