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Benefits of Jump Rope to Help Prevent Osteoporosis


Today, more individuals are turning to healthier food choices, and exercise-and-fitness to fight ageism and manipulate time.  We see older adults living longer and getting the chance to spend more time with their children and grandchildren.  The rise of functional fitness and emphasis on nutrition has helped our bodies add another day, month, and even years to our lifespan. However, with age sometimes comes unforeseen twists.       

Researchers from Loughborough University, the University of Cambridge, University Hospitals Leicester, and Derby Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust  conducted a study about a way for older adults to help prevent Osteoporosis, by hopping.  The study included more than thirty healthy men ages 65 to 80 years old without osteoporosis, were assigned an exercise routine to compare and measure the “change in bone density with the other leg” (National Center for Biotechnology Information, US National Library of Medicine).  The men were to perform the following exercise: Five sets of 10 hops, with a 15-seconds rest between each set.

The results? The thirty-four that could successfully make it through the exercise were scanned after twelve months.  Researchers found their “bone mineral density in the outer and spongy layers significantly increased over time in each leg.  The density of the outer layer increased significantly more in the exercise leg, compared with the control leg” (National Center for Biotechnology Information, US National Library of Medicine). In addition, “There was a greater increase in density in the exercise leg than the control leg of where the femur connects to the hip bone.  Instability of the hip was reduced more in the exercise leg” (National Center for Biotechnology Information, US National Library of Medicine).  

Survival and Cross believes that by incorporating a jump rope in your routine, increases an individual’s chances of fighting osteoporosis.  The versatility of using a jump rope makes exercises fun, interactive, and beneficial.  Survival and Cross’s adjustable jump rope allows an individual to not only tailor their jump rope to their needs, but also to their fitness level and workout.

With every trial and study, improvements and accuracy are always noted.  As more and more people look for ways to prevent chronic illnesses and diseases, more researchers and scientists are putting in the time to find solutions to our everyday problems.  A Survivor and Cross team member said, “At Survival and Cross, our team makes it a mission to seek out exercises and ways our products can promote a healthier lifestyle to eliminate and beat our internal intruders”

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