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Valor Strength & Fitness

Have you ever felt like you knew you needed to take action with your health but you didn’t know where to start?  You go to the internet but the overwhelming volume of information is confusing, cold and unpersonable.  You wish you could afford a gym membership but the expense is just too much.  

Well you should move to Tulsa Oklahoma!

Recently, I was made aware of a non profit gym in Tulsa called Valor Strength & Fitness.  With a goal to better the lifestyles of the underprivileged in Tulsa, VS&F has taken action in their local community.  Not only do they have a brick and mortar gym located at 2245 6th St, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74104, but they also have equipped a 16 foot mobile gym that they actually TAKE into areas where they can interact with locals from all walks of life.  

I was able to talk to John, coach & vice president of the board as well as CrossFit level 1 certified at VS&F and as soon as I heard their story I knew Survival and Cross had to somehow support this valiant effort. Teaming up with VS&F’s dedication to improving the lives of others, Survival and Cross donated 20 jump ropes to their cause and shipped them to be passed out and used during their rigorous workouts.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Later, I was sent some pictures of our ropes in action and was blown away by the gratitude received from VS&F.  Here at Survival and Cross, we like nothing more than to see see sweaty faces during a workout!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Overall, the Valor Strength and Fitness team came together through multiple fitness events like GORUCK Tough and realized their mindset to “build better Americans” could be compiled to a unified cause.  

 So if you happen to live in the Tulsa area, drop in and check them out.  Or better yet, if this post convinced you to move their to support them.....well you are pretty much awesome! 

Our Goal is to create an environment where multiple communities can come together, interact, participate in effective strength and fitness training, learn and communicate about their health, community, and ultimately feel empowered to succeed because they have the support, accountability and sense of purpose to achieve their health goals.”

~Valor Strength and Fitness~










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