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15 Apps To Help You Stay Healthy

Cell phones in the gym can be used for more than music and snap chat filtered photos...

As much as we see people focused on phones these days we wanted to share a little list of ways we can use our cell phones to actually help us and not waste our time in the gym.  These small, powerful, pocket-sized devices can be used to assist us in our fitness lifestyle, eating habits and mental health.  There are thousands of great health-related apps that can help you build habits, track your strength training goals, teach you to run marathons, and live a better lifestyle. 

We wanted to share a list of our favorite top 15 health apps.  Most of these are free or only cost a few dollars.  What's that compared to the healthy habits you will be creating?  We encourage you to try out one or two and see which one would best fit into your healthy lifestyle. 

Running Apps

Zombies, run!

You will never be more motivated to run than when you are running with...Zombies, run!   It’s just a for fun app and super easy to use but it makes your run interesting by placing you in a post-apocalypse situation.  By playing music and having sounds and noise resembling Zombies chasing you, the app creates the scenario in your head that makes you want to run faster, farther, and with a little more will to live!  Yes, it’s just for fun and you have to have an imagination. But we thought it was a unique app that deserved some spotlight.


This app is another great running app.  It lets you track and map every workout and will give feedback and stats to improve your performance.  You can share your routes, map running routes, and discover new routines all through the app. MayMyFitness also lets you track other kinds of cardio and fitness routines other than running.  This app has a strong, like-minded community of over 40 million users and athletes to motivate you to do more and be better.


Couch To 5K is probably one of the most well known and used apps by people who are just getting started.  With millions of success stories and features from companies like The Washington Post, The New Your Times, and Popsugar Fitness, it is one of the best apps to get you started if you struggle with running.  Basically, the app gives you a very doable and set plan to follow if you are brand new just starting out with a fitness routine. Many people want to start getting healthy using free tools and running is just that.  You just need a good pair of shoes and the road. And C25K if you’ve never run before and need a personal trainer in your pocket.

Strength Training Apps

Stronglifts 5x5

For those who want to start training with heavier weights but don’t know how to progress, Stronglifts 5x5 is the app for you.  It focuses powerlifting specific such as squats, deadlifts, bench presses, overhead press and barbell row. You input your starting weight numbers for each exercise, your max reps, and max weights, and from there it will generate the workout you should be doing to improve.  With Stronglifts 5x5 you workout three times a week and each workout you do three barbell exercises for sets of 5 reps. Together they work out your whole body.


Traveling to a new place and not sure what you can do in the area?  Yonder is a great app to have that will help you get outside and discover new places in your surroundings such as bike trails, hiking trails, kayaking, rock climbing and basically any outdoor activity you can think of.  It’s a great app to have if you are on vacation and don’t want to bother going to a gym for a good workout. Just pull up the app and see what outdoor activities are in your area and go!


Possibly one of the best workout apps to be used by busy people on the go, aka, all of us.  You can choose the length of time you have for your workout, from 5 minutes to a whole hour, and the app then searches for appropriate videos for you to follow along during your workout.  You can choose if you want to workout core, legs, arms, cardio or full-body. No more guessing which workout you are going to do or trying to figure out how long it will take you.


This app is a great all-inclusive app that provides everything from workout plans to meal plans.  It will help you get on track and stay on track with every aspect of living a healthy lifestyle and get the results you’ve been working for.  This app does cost if you want to get the full benefits but when you look at the cost of a full gym membership, or even going out to eat at a restaurant, it is worth it in the end.  


MyWOD app is geared towards powerlifters and XF training workouts.  It lets you track all of your max lifts, your WOD’s, and you are able to graph all of your benchmark workouts. MyWod has all hero and girl workouts loaded to the application, plus over 150 common WODS; which are uploaded remotely to keep it up to date.  You will never be left without a new or different workout to do. You can keep track of your own WOD’s as well through the personal calendar.

Nutrition Apps


One of the most popular and well-known nutrition apps available, MyFitnessPal helps you get your eating habits on track and helps you stay there.  With millions of different kinds of foods in their database, the app lets you input in what you are eating and tracks your calories for you so you know exactly what you are taking in every day.  It lets you set a calorie intake limit depending on your goals. You can also put in your workouts and cardio and it will adjust your calorie needs.


Kevin Curry had a goal to create a simple, healthy, relatively inexpensive meals that tasted great that even a man in the kitchen could put together.  This app does just that. Healthy food options do not have to be boring and this app provides you will tons of information and guidelines from meal prepping, keto planning, low carbs, and high protein meals.  

Plant Nanny

We all know how important drinking water is to build a healthy body.  Plant Nanny brings a fun twist into helping you develop better water drinking habits.  Like the ‘90’s pocket pet, Tamagotchi, you have to care for and maintain your plants within the app by...drinking water.  The app lets you input your water intake and by doing so, causes your plants to grow and develop and even lets you grow a whole garden.  It’s just a fun new way to make sure you are staying properly hydrated.

Mental Health Apps


For anyone who wants to slow down and teach their brain and body to turn off and rest, Headspace is the app to go to.  It’s a meditation app that teaches you basically how to meditate.  In just a few minutes a day, you'll learn how to train your mind and body for a healthier, happier life.  It will teach you how to decrease your stress level and alter your mood when life turns tough.


Pacifica is another great mental health app and is very simple to use.  Basically, it is a mood tracker that reminds you at a certain time each day to stop and take note of your emotions or mental state and lets you input the information into the app.  Based on your answer, Pacifica will generate tips and suggestions on how to improve your mood or help you celebrate the mood if you are already in a positive state. It’s a good tool to help you deal with chaotic emotions and stress.  


Often we start out with good intentions when it comes to creating healthy habits but it’s too easy to let them fall to the side.  Habitbull steps into the middle and assists you in staying on track with the habits you are wanting to create. HabitBull is the most powerful multi-platform companion to keep track of your day to day habits and routines.  Want to read for 10 minutes every day?  Workout for 30 minutes? Or do something creative for 20 minutes every day?  Habitbull lets you create a goal and tracks your success as you work to make your new goal into a daily helpful habit.  


SuperBetter is a game focusing on increasing resilience and the ability to remain strong, optimistic, and motivated when presented with challenging obstacles in life.  A study by the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia found that when people played SuperBetter for 30 days, their mood improved, symptoms of anxiety and depression decreased, and self-belief to achieve goals increased.  The app will help you to adopt new habits, improve your skills, strengthen relationships, complete meaningful projects, and achieve lifelong dreams. SuperBetter also has the potential to help you beat depression and anxiety, cope with chronic illness, and recover from post-traumatic stress disorder.

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