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15 Gift Ideas On Any Gym Junkie’s Christmas Wishlist


If you have a friend or family member who happens to be an avid fitness guru, you might have experienced difficulty shopping for them for Christmas.  

Crazy fitness people either already have all the gear they need to complete their workouts efficiently, or perhaps you just have no clue what they might need.  You probably still want to give them a gift that they will love and something they will find useful in their everyday fitness lifestyle.  

We've taken the guesswork out of shopping for fitness freaks and garage gym geeks. 

No need to make a list or check it twice!  Use the Survival and Cross Gym Junkie's Christmas Wish List to shop for that one friend who would put Paleo Christmas Cookies out for Santa.   

1. Jump Ropes

A gym junkies first choice as a stocking stuffer!

After spending 2 years on Amazon's best seller list, this little jump rope has certainly stirred the waters.  It's proven that quality doesn't always have to come with a price and that sometimes, the little guy packs a big punch.  This jump rope has over 5,000 reviews on Amazon in the US and is also available in the UK.  It features sliding mechanisms that allow the user to adjust the length of the cord to their height and style of jumping with easy.

This speed jump rope is perfect for getting beginner jumpers to the expert level and for getting expert jumpers to superhero status.  The Survival and Cross jump rope packs a punch without picking your wallet.  Click Here To View Our Speed Jump Rope on Amazon

2. Lightweight Backpack

This Christmas, that gym junkie you are shopping for is going to need a new lightweight backpack to throw all their gym gear in.  The Survival and Cross backpack is up for the task.  

Made with Top Rated Tear Resistant Nylon material and Heavy Duty, Reinforced zippers and is water and tear resistant materials making this daypack perfect for outdoors, traveling, hiking or gym use.  It won’t absorb smell so it is ideal of gym gear.

Forget overweight baggage fees during travel! This ultra-light pack zips up into a convenient, small, sandwich-sized bundle for a grab and go backpack whatever the circumstance. Suitable for school, college, outside, or traveling, look the best and be prepared for anything.  From large and roomy, to tiny and inconspicuous, this backpack has 1 main compartment, 2 side mesh compartments, and 1 front zipped pocket for easy on the go access.  Click Here To View Our Gym Backpack on Amazon

3. Motivational Tapestry

60" x 51" of pure awesomeness for your garage gym wall, box or start-up gym.  

If your gym junkie prefers their garage gym over monthly memberships then give them the gift of motivation this Christmas.  

These tapestries are ten times better than posters and make an awesome addition to hide ugly surfaces.  

100% lightweight polyester and printed top, finished edge, fine line detail and intense vivid colors.

Call it a wall tapestry or a wall hanging, it’s awesome either way.  Click here to check out tapestries on our website

4. Coffee Mugs

Everyone loves a good cup of coffee in the morning. Especially if you know you have a tough workout later in the day!  Survival and Cross has a handful of workout themed mugs available.  These make great gifts for gym guru’s and can serve as your morning reminder that you have a date with the gym later!

Mugs are microwave and dishwasher safe and our awesome design is printed on both the right and left side.  Each mug is 11 oz. of pure coffee goodness.

5. Hoodies

No one likes to feel the winds icy bite when they step outside of the gym, all sweaty from a good workout.  It's bad for your muscles to cool down too quickly.  

Give a fresh hoodie for those winter workout sessions and make the gym junkie on your list smile.  

6. Exercise Ball

Because who wouldn’t want a giant exercise ball for Christmas?  

The Survival and Cross exercise ball is the best stability ball for any type of yoga, pilates, ab workout or core exercises. Also, the ideal desk ball to improve balance and performance. Able to withstand 1000lbs of pressure, this will be the most reliable gym ball you will ever purchase.  But, like all out gear, it is backed by our 100% lifetime warranty that states if anything happens to your gear, we will replace it for free!  

Our swiss ball is ideal for any type of Physical Therapy, Physio, Squats, Lunges, Pushups, Planks, Dips, & Stretching workouts. Ideal for any skill level but tested by professional athletes with a wide range of skills and experience.  Click Here To View Our Exercise Ball on Amazon

7. Ab Wheel

This funky tool might look like a blast from the past and straight out of an 80’s fitness videotape, but trust us when we say these things still provide a mean core workout.

To any gym junkie on your Christmas shopping list, this will be very useful.

The dual action ab wheel keeps you steady while you workout and ensures an efficient training session no matter what surface you are on.  It can be used on hardwood floors, carpet, concrete, or gym flooring.  Designed with you in mind and able to withstand your full bodyweight during ab exercises. Made of top premium quality materials to last a lifetime and promises to see you through your six pack ab journey.  Click Here To View Our Single Ab Wheel Roller on Amazon

8. Ab Mat

The mat helps you target the lower abs, main abs, and upper abs all in one smooth motion. Provides a 30-degree arch to your lower back during sit-ups, crunches, and leg lift workouts to optimize the full range of motion for a tighter core workout.

By disengaging your hip flexors and extending the range of motion in your lower back the Survival and Cross ab mat design is optimized to give you the best-isolated ab muscle workout you can achieve. The attached foam pad prevents the Abdominal Trainer from slipping.Click Here To View Our Ab Mat on Amazon

9. Tank Tops

Every gym guru is proud of the hard work they put in every day.  Probably half the time spent in the gym is spent taking cool gym selfies.  They love it when their workout tank sports their mood and promotes their awesome workout lifestyle.

Give them a gift this year that you will see them happily display in their next gym selfie photo shoot. 

10. Cell Phone Wallet Case

Who else finds carrying around a wallet in the gym is annoying?  But you can be sure you won’t go anywhere without your cell phone!

These handy cell phone wallet cases are adhesive to the back of your phone and easily slip your gym card, drivers license, credit cards or whatever you need inside. 

Simply apply by sticking on the wallet to your Smartphone or case that guarantees both your phone and cards are with you. No more forgetting your ID in the car when you walk into your Gym!

Our phone wallet will firmly hold all items that you can fit and will keep them right at your fingertips. Drivers license, military ID, gym memberships, credit cards, and even movie stubs! This phone wallet has your covered.  Height: 3.4 inch Width: 2.2 inch Material: Silicon

11.  Pull-Up Assistance Resistance Bands

From pull-ups and stretches to you name it, this loop band works perfectly alongside your routine to help boost you to the next level of training. Best resistance for larger muscle groups allowing you to double your number or reps for longer workouts.

Highly portable and used for home gyms, HIIT sessions, or on the go while you travel, the Survival and Cross resistance bands will stay just as mobile as you are letting you get in a great workout no matter your location or setting.  Click Here To View Our Resistance Bands on Amazon

12. Calf Compression Sleeves

Research proven, graduated technology is in each of our skillfully designed calf sleeves to promote optimal blood circulation and oxygen flow through the leg. Relieves and prevents injuries such as shin splints, cramping, fatigue, soreness and swelling during strenuous activities and after.

These calf sleeves have a compressive strength of 20-25 mmHg, ideal for medical use in sore muscles to bring life back into stiff muscles and poor circulatory systems in the legs. Improve calf recovery time, spider and varicose veins and diabetic muscle swelling symptoms. Experience the difference in your leg performance and strength after you use this pair of leg compression socks. Click Here To View Our Calf Compression Sleeves on Amazon

13. Wrist Wraps

Lift much?  We bet your gym junkie friend does!  If they are lifting heavy weights without wrist wraps as protection then they are in danger of injury.  

The high elastic polyester material is comfortable to wear and fits snuggly to support and brace your joints. Made to withstand your toughest workouts as long as you can, your durable wrist wraps are top of the line and convenient to use.

All of those burpees, kettlebell swings, power cleans, deadlifts, pushups, training exercises and WODs are starting to wear out your wrists. Pro level wrist wraps will help protect you from injury and allow you to workout longer and harder.  Click Here To View Our Wrist Wraps on Amazon

14. Junk Headbands

Photo courtesy of JunkBrands

There's nothing worse for a gym junkie than having sweat roll down into your eyes during a workout.  It makes you lose concentration, causes eyes to burn, and just downright annoying. 

Also, for our lady lifters, keeping your hair contained and those flyaways at bay is a must. 

Junk Headbands are ideal for the rugged workout enthusiast and have proven to stay in place during the toughest workout.  Put to the test by obstacle course races, heavy weightlifters, and marathon runners of all shapes and sizes, these headbands do their job well.  Check out this awesome Christmas headband on their website here.

15. Foam Flooring

For any gym junkie looking to build a garage gym, these interlocking foam mats are a must.  They create a comfortable, cushioning workout floor that protects the surface from scrapers and also protects joints from hard impact. 

They are easy to assemble and come in many different colors and sizes to suit each individual.  Check them out on Amazon here!






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