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20 Workouts for Apartment Style Living


Apartment life?  Yeah, we get it.  Small tight spaces with thin walls that let you hear your neighbor cough.  Maybe you're a college student in a dorm room or just bought your first 2 bedroom, one bath house. 

No matter your tight space living situation, there is no situation that makes a good enough excuse for skipping a workout.  For those days when you just can't get to the gym or your budget doesn't allow a gym membership, this blog is for you. 

We searched the internet for some of the all-time BEST workouts for apartment living or small space living.  Divided into categories of upper body, core strength, and legs, these 20 workout video's will help you cover all the necessary muscle groups to maintain that #fitlife even without a gym membership. 

These are videos you won't mind your roommate catching you watching.  

Sarah's Day workout video targets just a 15-minute quick full body workout to get you going for the day.  Sarah's Day is full of video's on health, holistic living, natural healing, beauty, and fitness. Check out her channel to see weekly vlogs, tutorials and helpful tips and trick videos to help you look and feel amazing!


Jordan Yehoh Fitness brings the burn in this quick but effective small space workout.  He moves quick, so keep up!  And for those who are just starting out, he provides a beginner example for each position that you can build on. 

Using a set of simple loop resistance bands, Jane with FitForceFX gives us an awesome lower body and glute isolation workout.  

Zeus Fitness has something going with their logo "train like the gods."  This quick full body, fat burning at home workout will leave you feeling exhausted and tired but with time will get you the ripped muscles you've been working so hard for! 

Betty Rocker gives us this awesome 15-minute full body HIIT video.  Her small space living lets her take it to the rooftops on nice days!  How cool would it be to workout up there?  Her channel really promotes the idea that you really can workout anywhere you are.   

If you're ready to burn your core then this video will get you there.  Check out Jeff Cavaliere with ATLEAN-X for some great ab exercises to get you the washboard abs you want on a budget. 

We know you love working abs but if you have never used an ab roller before, you are greatly missing out.  Coach Brian Klepacki of CritiacalBench.com demonstrates some ways to use an ab wheel roller.  For those in a small living area, this is going to be your new favorite tool.  It's like having a full machine set up in your house.  

Shely Does Fitness produces a ton of awesome HIIT style workouts that you can push play on the TV and follow along.  Her workouts here are great for those days when you can't just jump in the car and go to the gym or don't even have a membership.  Check out her channel get ready to sculpt your body in your own living room.  

Tabata is similar to HIIT and uses timed intervals at high energy to sculpt and tone muscle groups.  This is an awesome beginner at home workout from Nicole Perry that is simple to follow along. 


Looking for a quick, fresh out of bed, upper body shred?  The Six Pack Factory channel gives you an awesome video to go by using various push-ups.  Think you're too advanced for push-ups?  Try this one and see how you feel after!  

Brandon Carter has an amazing history and is a motivator as well as a personal coach.  His youtube channel is chalk full of fantastic videos but this one, in particular, is a great Tabata HIIT workout that you can do anywhere you are! 

OfficialThenX demonstrates a great in home cardio session for optimal fat loss.  Broken down to 45 seconds each, this interval workout will leave you dripping in sweat and feeling awesome at the end.  Easy to follow and very effective!  If you don't have a jump rope, you can just pretend or you can check out the Survival and Cross speed rope here. 

Joe Wix, the Body Coach gives us some easy to follow and awesome 20 minute HIIT workouts you can do in your apartment or anywhere! 

If you haven't seen Whitney's videos then you are missing out.  Her humor keeps your wanting more but her workout videos are what really keep you coming back.  

XHIT Daily videos are awesome and easy to follow along for a substitute workout when you are stuck at home.  Check out her HIIT video and follow along to lean and tone the body.

This core workout with BodyBuilding.com trainer uses planks, heal touches, Russian twists and goes for as many reps as you can in 20 seconds.  This no fluff, no glitter, just a straight-up workout video that is just what you need to build that core right in your apartment.  

SixPackAbs.com doesn't just feature abs!  This great leg workout is a crazy 8 rounds and involves squats, back lunges, explosive jumps and weighted roman deadlifts.  See if you can actually make the 8 rounds.  If you do, you might be walking funny the next day. 

Brendan Meyers here gives you an awesome ab workout that will leave you saying, "Don't make me laugh," the next day because you'll be so sore.  Using plank crunches, leg up crunches, and butterfly crunches, this exercise is easy to follow and worth the pain in the end. 

Love working glutes and thighs?  You'll want to add this video to your workout regimen.  It doesn't use any equipment and does 50 seconds on and 10 second rests using squats, side squats, and lunges.  The FitnessBlenders have loads of videos you can save and follow on a weekly basis. 

Resistance bands can really enhance any workout and sculpt lean toned muscles. Jessica Smith shows you some great workouts you can do when you need to keep the noise level down or only have a small space to work with.   


Jen on September 28 2017 at 04:10PM

Oh my goodness, you guys, this is perfect! I am broke from medical bills, and my place is really small and packed with stuff. I’m bookmarking this post to refer to it when I need to.

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