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2017 Black Friday Shopping Guide for Gym Junkies

Brace yourself.  Black Friday is coming.

Humanity will take a step backward, reverting to slightly more animalistic tendency's when it comes to shopping and hunting for deals.  Like a lion ready to pounce on their prey, the 2017 Black Friday shopper is on the hunt for the best deals possible.   

But, you didn't workout and get fit just so you can beat back the shopping crowds this year to try to grab the best deals.

We're making it easy to shop for the gym junkie in your life.

Not only did we compile a list of the best gear any fitness guru would love, but we're handing them to you this week during Black Friday for the best prices available.  

You don't have to fight a maddened crowded mall on Black Friday to get the best deals.  Let them come to you!  Check out our list of 2017 Black Friday Shopping Guide for Gym Junkies!

1. Amazon's Best Selling Speed Jump Rope

"This is a 90-degree jump rope that performs better than a $25 rope I purchased at a National chain store. The rope rotation is smooth and the rope is thin yet weighty enough to maintain a good cadence. Easy to use and adjust it to your height, makes it perfect for performing double unders and trick work for agility. I would certainly recommend this rope to beginner and expert alike." - Great Inexpensive 90 Degree Jump Rop - By Joseph M. November 8, 2017

After spending 2 years on Amazon's best seller list, this little jump rope has certainly stirred the waters.  It's proven that quality doesn't always have to come with a price and that sometimes, the little guy packs a big punch.  This jump rope has over 5,000 reviews on Amazon in the US and is also available in the UK.  It features sliding mechanisms that allow the user to adjust the length of the cord to their height and style of jumping with easy.

This speed jump rope is perfect for getting beginner jumpers to the expert level and for getting expert jumpers to superhero status.  The Survival and Cross jump rope packs a punch without picking your wallet.  Click Here To View Our Speed Jump Rope on Amazon

2. Calf Compression Sleeves

"These calf compressors are not only cool as hell to look at, but the fit is perfect. My calves are huge and very muscular. After tearing my right calf, the swelling was unbelievable. After a week of icing it, and staying off of it, and receiving these compressors, I'm well on my way to full recovery. They have far exceeded my expectations. I'm not a doctor, but I do feel these calf compressors have does up my convalescence. They feel awesome." - FREAKING AWESOME - By Chris D.on October 13, 2017

Research proven graduated technology is in each of our skillfully designed calf sleeves to promote optimal blood circulation and oxygen flow through the leg. Relieves and prevents injuries such as shin splints, cramping, fatigue, soreness and swelling during strenuous activities and after.

These calf sleeves have a compressive strength of 20-25 mmHg, ideal for medical use in sore muscles to bring life back into stiff muscles and poor circulatory systems in the legs. Improve calf recovery time, spider and varicose veins and diabetic muscle swelling symptoms. Experience the difference in your leg performance and strength after you use this pair of leg compression socks. Click Here To View Our Calf Compression Sleeves on Amazon

3. Ab Mat

"I love this mat. It's ergonomic and comfortable. It does a great job of putting you in the best position to maximize your results. This is the second S&C purchase that I've made. I love this little company's attention to the consumer." - Amazing mat from a great company - By Roger C. on October 16, 2017

The mat helps you target the lower abs, main abs, and upper abs all in one smooth motion. Provides a 30-degree arch to your lower back during sit-ups, crunches, and leg lift workouts to optimize the full range of motion for a tighter core workout.

By disengaging your hip flexors and extending the range of motion in your lower back the Survival and Cross ab mat design is optimized to give you the best-isolated ab muscle workout you can achieve. The attached foam pad prevents the Abdominal Trainer from slipping. Click Here To View Our Ab Mat on Amazon

4. Exercise Ball

"This ball is SUPER strong. Supports me (250 lbs) and my two kids climbing on top of me with no problems. Holds air very well. I've had it about a year and I've just topped off the pressure twice in that time with a few extra pumps from the hand air pump." - Great exercise ball! - By Bradley N. on July 29, 2017

The Survival and Cross exercise ball is the best stability ball for any type of yoga, pilates, ab workout or core exercises. Also the ideal desk ball to improve balance and performance. Able to withstand 1000lbs of pressure, this will be the most reliable gym ball you will ever purchase.

Our swiss ball is ideal for any type of Physical Therapy, Physio, Squats, Lunges, Pushups, Planks, Dips, & Stretching workouts. Ideal for any skill level but tested by professional athletes with a wide range of skills and experience.  Click Here To View Our Exercise Ball on Amazon

5. Beaded Jump Rope

"This is a great jump rope, and seems to be of good quality. The customer support from the seller has been great. I had a question about how to adjust the length and they responded quickly with a link to their website that had all the information I needed. I know its a quirky personal preference, but I always prefer having a written tutorial instead of a video tutorial. The website provided a comprehensive tutorial with screenshots of how to make the adjustment, as well as a video tutorial. The website had a lot of great information, and they also emailed me a nice guide for additional jump rope exercises. All in all, a great company that provides a lot of clear and useful support for their products." - This is a great jump rope - - By Juliewatson on October 27, 2017

The Survival and Cross beaded jump rope is made from the highest quality materials to ensure maximum lifetime use and withstand hours of your toughest fitness routine. After purchase, the skipping rope includes a downloadable PDF manual via email to enhance your workout experience and make sure you get the best experience with your Jumping Rope.

With the ability to utilize this Segmented Jump Rope conveniently during cardio exercises, you will be able to enhance the effectiveness of each workout with ease.  This is the perfect Jump Rope for anyone from beginner to expert in fitness.  Click Here To View Our Beaded Jump Rope on Amazon

6. Double Ab Wheels

"I have experience using a single ab roller, but this double ab roller really takes my core training up a notch! It really works my core and shoulders. They roll very smoothly, just like the single ab roller by Survival and Cross!"  - Just like the single ab roller by Survival and Cross - - By Kelsey on July 18, 2016

Build on your core strength! This double ab roller system works to build your midsection, arms, shoulders, back as well develop balance and stability.

The space-efficient size allows for easy use while on the go or for at home workouts. Never miss your ab training session again!

Use your double ab wheel on any floor surface. The rubberized wheels give you perfect traction while the comfort grip ensures you won't slip with sweaty hands during your ab training workout.   Click Here To View Our Double Ab Wheel on Amazon

7. Resistance Bands

"Really a good quality band. Rivals those with much higher price tags in quality. No funky chemical smells either. Not the first product I've bought from Survival and Cross and won't be the last!" --Top quality, great price - By Warrenon February 21, 2017

You name it, this loop band works perfectly alongside your routine to help boost you to the next level of training. Best resistance for larger muscle groups allowing you to double your number or reps for longer workouts.

Highly portable and used for home gyms, HIIT sessions, or on the go while you travel, the Survival and Cross resistance bands will stay just as mobile as you are letting you get in a great workout no matter your location or setting.  Click Here To View Our Resistance Bands on Amazon

8. Ultra Lightweight Backpack

"As with everything I've bought from survival and cross, the backpack is a high quality product. Very light and portable while at the same time strong and durable. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a good gym bag or to take on a hike somewhere. The side pockets are the perfect size for water bottles. All in all a great experience, plus, as usual, above and beyond customer service." -

I would recommend this... - By jackie jormp jomp on August 3, 2017

Made with Top Rated Tear Resistant Nylon material and Heavy Duty, Reinforced zippers. Water and tear resistant materials makes this daypack perfect for outdoors, traveling, or hiking.

Forget overweight baggage fees during travel! This ultra light pack zips up into a convenient, small, sandwich sized bundle for a grab and go backpack whatever the circumstance. Suitable for school, college, outside, or traveling, look the best and be prepared for anything.  From large and roomy, to tiny and inconspicuous, this backpack has 1 main compartment, 2 side mesh compartments, and 1 front zipped pocket for easy on the go access.  Click Here To View Our Gym Backpack on Amazon

9. Wrist Wraps

"Love these! I have short arms and small hands (I'm 5'3") so finding wrist wraps that don't dig into my forearm is so difficult. These are a great size, the thumb hooks stay in place and the length is perfect to ensure they're snug enough for lifting. Definitely, recommend!" - Finally a perfect fit! - ByJill on November 8, 2017

The high elastic polyester material is comfortable to wear and fits snuggly to support and brace your joints. Made to withstand your toughest workouts as long as you can, your durable wrist wraps are top of the line and convenient to use.

All of those burpees, kettlebell swings, power cleans, deadlifts, pushups, training exercises and WODs are starting to wear out your wrists. Pro level wrist wraps will help protect you from injury and allow you to workout longer and harder.  Click Here To View Our Wrist Wraps on Amazon

10. Single Ab Wheel Roller

I used this ab roller a couple of times since purchasing it and I must say, it's awesome. Great quality build for the price and it's a great addition to a home workout.  I love the fact that it takes like 20 seconds to put this all together and start using and it's lightweight to put in a gym bag and go! - Another great product from Survival and Cross - By Amazon Customer on May 21, 2017

The dual action ab wheel keeps you steady while you workout and ensures an efficient training session no matter what surface you are on. Can be used on hardwood floors, carpet, concrete, or gym flooring.  Designed with you in mind and able to withstand your full bodyweight during ab exercises. Made of top premium quality materials to last a lifetime and promises to see you through your six pack ab journey.  Click Here To View Our Single Ab Wheel Roller on Amazon

11. Motivational Clothing

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