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5 Best Jump Rope Tips For Beginners

Whether you are new to jumping rope or you are a seasoned pro, a few good tips can always come in hand and help you improve.  

If you've found yourself struggling with your jump rope, or you've hit a plateau in your jump rope workout, check out our 5 Best Tips to Jump Rope Like a Pro.

survival and cross jump rope

1. Start on Your Level

Don’t jump ahead of yourself!

 If you are new to speed jump ropes or haven’t done it in years, then take your time.  You will not suddenly have the speed and the skills you see on youtube videos overnight.  It takes weeks of consistent practice to gain speed and good footwork but, you will see quick improvement.

Start with a solid, steady basic jump.  You don’t even have to have a rope to start.  You can simply jump in place turning an imaginary rope while concentrating on your rhythm and breathing.  Check out this awesome basic jump rope video from Zen Dude Fitness.

2. Have The Right Gear

Believe it or not, jumping rope comes with different styles and techniques.  Depending on what you want to do with your rope will determine what type of rope you should get.  

If you participate in any kind of fitness training or cross training, you will need a speed cable rope. This rope is an extremely lightweight rope and will allow you to work fast and for long periods of time.  They are also ideal for those famous double unders.  If you are a Boxer or MMA fighter, you typically will look for a heavier weighted rope that will allow you to practice more fancy footwork such as cross overs, heel toes, and high knees to increase your agility and speed in the ring.  

However, if you are just starting out and looking for a basic jump rope that will mightily increase your skills, you can never go wrong with a simple  beaded jump rope.  These ropes are great for any skill level because they are not too heavy or too light and you can hear them tap the ground in the during rotation.  This will help you keep your rhythm as you practice.

survival and cross jump rope

3. Size Your Rope Correct

Having a properly sized jump rope is key to your success to jumping with few mistakes.  You can’t have a rope that’s too long or too short.  Finding a sizable speed cable jump rope is ideal because you can cut it to your height, but leave a few inches to adjust as your skill increases.  Check out this awesome tutorial video on how to size the #1 Best Selling Jump rope, the Survival and Cross jump rope.

4. Use The Right Form

Most people forget that it only takes a little flick of the wrist to rotate a jump rope during a workout.  Exaggerated jumping movements will only tire you out faster and possibly cause more mistakes.  

The proper form for jumping rope is to have your wrist at your hips, elbows slightly bent, and thumbs pointing out from your sides. Keep your wrists in this position as you rotate, and only rotate with your wrists, not your whole forearm.  A firm grip is needed on the rope, but don’t be so stiff that it prevents a full rotation.  

survival and cross jump rope

5. Jump On The Best Surface

The surface you are jumping on can make a huge difference in your ability to jump rope with few mistakes.  Obviously, if you try to jump rope on a grassy surface, you will make a lot of mistakes and not get very far.

You should consider jumping on a hard smooth surface such as a gym floor, linoleum or concrete.  

If you have to jump on concrete, we do suggest laying down a yoga mat to jump on. The concrete's rough surface can cause the rubber coating on most speed ropes to wear off.  

Ultimately, the key to success with jumping rope for cardio is practice.  Quality time with your jump rope will get you the physical results you always hear people talk about.  By regularly using jump ropes in your routine workout, you will begin to see awesome results, enjoy your cardio, and become a master at double under's.

Are you working on your jump rope skills?  

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