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5 Jump Rope Video Workouts for a Killer Cardio Session

Summer is almost here and you might already be getting burned out and burned up trying to spend hours jogging outside to get your cardio in.  With the heat coming up and schedules getting crowded, take one of these jump rope workout videos out for a spin!

We've found the top 5 most entertaining and effective youtube stars using jump ropes in their workouts and put them together for you here in the blog.  Most of these are only cardio!  So all you will need is your phone or tablet to follow along and you own jump rope.

Knock out your cardio with these 5 jump rope video workout tutorials. 

Millionaire Hoy owner and creator of Boom First Bump fitness is extremely passionate about what he does.  His positive attitude and drive are helping change lives in the Southside Chicago area, one workout session at a time.  

Check out his awesome jump rope video workout, grab your speed rope and follow along.  This 20 minute HIIT style cardio workout will kill calories with each second.


The ever famous Zen Dude Fitness gives us a cardio bodyweight training exercise video that will allow you to work on more of the trick moves associated with jumping rope.  Zen Dude Fitness takes the average jump rope routine to a whole different level.  Check out his youtube for more awesome jump rope videos for all different levels. 

This is a jump rope routine with more of a designated boxing style.  If you're working to improve your boxing skills and agility, follow along with Zen Dude Fitness, hosted by fightTIPS in this 15 Minute Boxing Jump Rope workout. 

Tony Horton will keep you well entertained will you follow along in this 10 minute jump work out.  Doing this video a couple times a week will hone your jump rope skills, flatten your tummy, and burn loads of calories!  There's never a dull moment on his youtube channel so if you're looking for more awesome workouts, check it out! Click here.


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