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5 Leg Day Workouts to Tone, Strengthen and Build Your Legs

Working out your legs can be one of the most rewarding workouts you can experience.  Your lower body (legs) are responsible for carrying you everywhere you go!  And of course, who doesn't love building a booty and thinning their thighs?  

Check out some of these awesome leg day workouts you can do either at home or at the gym! 

Focusing on glute isolation and not just compound movements, Whitney Simmons shows us how to grow those butt muscles in some simple yet effective workout moves.  By using resistance bands, she targets the glute muscles forcing them to do all the work.  The burn is real and the results are awesome!  Follow these super sets and isolate your glutes in your next leg day workout! 



Athlean-XX for Women with fitness trainer Susan targets the quads in this unique training video.  Using explosive intense energy she targets the larger muscle groups to really strengthen the leg muscles in as short amount of time as possible.  Who wants to workout for hours a day when you can do these simple moves to gain muscle, burn fat and tone your body. 



Certified fitness instructor, Cassy Ho has been on national TV, trained millions of views at home online in her POP Pilates and Blogilates videos.  Follow her awesome leg strengthening workout to get some fresh ideas on how to spice up your leg day workout!  Subscribe and follow for her weekly video training series! 



This awesome workout is with Natalie Jill and LiveStrong Women.  Using a simple exercise ball, spice up you at home leg workout by following along and gaining ground in your glutes.  You'll feel the burn through your entire leg as your target glutes, quads, and hamstrings.  Check out more from Natalie Jill via her website here!



Kelsey Lee demonstrates some awesome inner and outer thigh workouts in this workout video sponsored by XHIT.  Known on the web for her "butt-kicking tour de force," via NY Times, Kelsey is a fitness enthusiast with a passion for helping others achieve their fitness goals.  Check all her other awesome workout articles on kelseeylee.com!


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