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5 Tips to Conquer Your Workouts and Still Have a Vacation

Summer has officially begun!  Hopefully, you have a really awesome family vacation planned.  You will get to enjoy some time off, relaxing, enjoying good food, and making memories but you shouldn’t take time off from your workout goals!

Keeping your routine alive will help you stay strong and get back into your normal workouts once your vacation is over.  It's always harder to start back up after a long break, so skip the long workout recession.  A little goes a long way! 

Be Intentional

The key to being successful in continuing your workouts while out of your normal routine is to be intentional.  Let your family know you will be working out some while on vacation.  Plan ahead the days you want to workout, even if it’s briefly every day or just a few times during the week.  

Figure out when the best time might be for you to sneak away and get in your workout.  Most at home HIIT workouts or cardio sessions will only take an hour or less to complete.  Find the time of day when everyone else is maybe watching a movie or even still sleeping and get your sweat on!  They will appreciate your openness and will come to expect this as a part of the normal day.  By keeping your workout alive you won’t feel regret for any of the extra calories you will probably take in, bonus!

Keep it Short

You won’t need a long extensive weight regimen to keep your workout endorphins alive.  Find some quick 20 minute HIIT Youtube Video’s and knock out a full body workout or even a targeted area like core or legs.  

Even if you are used to spending hours at the gym, you have to understand your family considers this a rest week and will expect you to be around more.  Understand everyone’s feelings and communicate your intentions that you will be available, but that doing a brief workout is very important to you.

You can get in a quick 20-minute session while you are waiting for everyone else to shower and get ready for the day’s adventures!

Enjoy Good Eats -  But Keep it Modest

One of the best things about vacation is the dining.  Experiencing great restaurant and local food can be just as exciting as visiting new places.  However, make sure you keep your food intake at a modest level and don’t overdo it.  It is okay to have that juicy steak and shrimp at dinner, but maybe skip the tub of ice cream during the movie later that night.  

Place a value on the meals you want to splurge on and those you think you could do without.  If you know you are going out somewhere for dinner, then stay conscious about what you are eating during the day.  Also, know that whatever big meals you partake will likely affect the way you feel during your workout the next day.  So, stay mindful!

Switch it up

Vacations are all about adventure.  Feel free to schedule a hike or a swimming session into the day's plan and consider this your workout.  You can find all kinds of new things to try that might challenge you in a new way and freshen up your normal workout routine.  

Things like mountain biking, canoeing, and even white water rafting, can get your heart rate up and be a workout for your arms and legs.  Challenge yourself to new adventures and ones the whole family can join in on!

Involve Simple Gear

You probably won’t try to travel with any weights or heavy workout gear but you can travel with a few simple items that you can include in a quick vacation workout.  You can throw in a lightweight jump rope for a killer cardio session.  Resistance bands are easy to pack and can assist in a lot of different bodyweight exercises.  You can also pack a portable ab roller for a core workout session.

All of these items are easy to throw in an on-the-go gym bag to help in your vacation workout routine.

Of course, one of the most important aspects of a vacation is to rest.  So it is okay to give yourself time off from the gym.  This will help your muscle recuperate and recharge while gearing them up for your return home.  But, you should continue some form of physical activity just to keep that workout spirit alive.  You know how hard it is to get started again after a long break, so just keep a light routine going and you are guaranteed to have the best summer vacation ever!  One you don’t have to regret later when you get back to normal life!

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