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5 Travel Tricks and Tools to Keep Your Workouts Alive This Holiday Season


It’s finally November, Thanksgiving is right around the corner, Christmas is coming fast and you already have your weeks vacation and travel plans booked.

The day before you have to catch your plane, you’ve pulled a 10 hour day at work, you had to drop off the kids, get the house ready and pack for your week long stay out in 10-buck-2.  There’s no gym, heck, there’s barely internet access!  

You might already be feeling some of the Holiday stress that traveling brings.  It’s a great time to relax and be with family but at the cost of your regular workout routine, you’ve worked so hard for.  

Keep the fight alive!  

Don’t skip your workouts just because you are traveling or visiting family.

This is who you are.  Your family will understand, even admire your dedication to your body and keeping yourself at peak physical performance.

Here are 5 Travel Tricks and Tools you can keep in mind this Holiday season. 


1 - Suspension trainers for full body workouts

Body weight exercise might be new to you if you are used to hitting the heavy weights on the rack.  But I can promise you, you will get just as tiring of a workout with bodyweight exercises as you can with free weights.  

One tool needed:  A simple suspension trainer.

If you’ve never used one, they aren’t complicated or expensive as they might seem, and if you have, then you know the benefits.  

A single suspension trainer weighs only 2.5 pounds and, packed in a mesh bag, is only  7” x 7” x 2”.  Perfectly sized for your travel suitcase and it’s compact size and light weight doesn’t take up much room.  

They are portable and can be set up in any location with a closed door.  Even in a hotel room, you can throw the door anchor over the door as you close it and burn out your total body workout in 30 minutes or less.  

Check out this video of how to set up the Survival and Cross suspension trainer and see how easy they are to use.



Once you’ve learned a few easy bodyweight exercises, you can still get in a full body workout with just one tool.  

2 - Jump Rope for Cardio

You probably like to run for miles on a treadmill or use an elliptical machine get your cardio in.  

Obviously, when you travel, there is no big equipment available and sometimes you don’t want to run through unsafe or unknown neighborhoods.  

Insert the use of a single speed jump rope.

These are your playground jump ropes.  These are cable jump ropes that are used by professional boxers, fitness enthusiast, and all the time and are the #1 best-kept secret of cardio workouts.

Simply jumping rope at a moderate rate burns 10-16 calories a minute.  Keeping a steady paced, just doing single jumps for 5 times for 5-minute intervals will be more than enough of a cardio session for you to blast away those extra Holiday season calories.  

Again, a speed rope weight about 5 ounces, and has small, 6-inch handle for easy packing.  Don’t be afraid to throw your mighty cardio tool in your bag if you’re flying.  It won’t take up any space at all and you will thank yourself later.  

Need tips on learning to jump rope?  Check out this blog:  

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3 - Ab Wheels for Core Blasters

Ab wheels are one of the most fun exercise tools you probably didn’t know were still being used.  If you have used them, you know the gains you can get by using them regularly.  

As you pack for your next flight, throw in an ab wheel that’s compact and can be broken down into small pieces.  You can stuff the 4 parts in your bag in separate areas to help pack in your gear.  When you arrive, reassemble it in 30 seconds or less and you have a beast of an ab workout tool that’s ready to blast your core exercises no matter where you are in the world.  

The Survival and Cross ab wheel includes a 9”x 1” long bar, and two 7” in diameter wheels.  When broken down, it can lay flat taking up only 1.5” of space and weighs in at only 1.3 pounds.


4 - Resistance Bands

What you might not know is that with the right bands you can get in a workout that is equal to or even better than if you had used free weights.  This could be useful if you travel a lot and Delta airline wants to rob you blind for trying to fit you 50 lbs dumbbells in your bag.  What were you thinking anyway?

All you need is a band and a little bit of  know how and you can get in an exhausting workout that is proven to show quick results.  You can use resistance bands for bicep curls, lateral raises, push-ups, lunges, tricep extensions, standing rows, and the list goes on.  

Better still, a single resistance band can add 75 pounds of resisted pressure and is only 1 1/8th of an inch wide weighing only 9 ounces.

Check out our recent blog article on the Top 10 Best Resistance Band Exercises Here:  

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5 - Recovery Massage Balls

You are going on vacation after all.  As you hope to relax and unwind from the normalities of life, treat yourself and your muscles to a trigger point massage ball session.

Lacrosse balls can be used to target knots that a foam roller can’t reach.  After driving or sitting on a plane for hours, you might notice some of those knots show their ugly faces after being immobile for so long.  By using lacrosse balls to roll out the kinks in your muscles, you will be able to get in better, stronger, and safer workouts.

You shouldn’t ever miss a workout because you are, “too sore.”  Massage balls will help your overall muscle recovery time and keep you injury free.

The Survival and Cross lacrosse ball set comes with 2 massage balls weighing in at 0.6 ounces a set and are 6.4cm in diameter.  Perfect fix to throw in your luggage bag or carry on.


To Top It Off...

If you end up traveling anywhere and think you might be bringing back gifts from family, throw in a packable backpack to bring all your extra, unplanned, gifts you might have to pack back.  

These nifty backpacks fold into small, sandwich sized compartments and weight a few ounces.  By adding these into your luggage, you can pull them out when you arrive and you have a full sized 20 liter, water resistance bag you can use for any number of things.  Grab all your portable gym gear and throw it into the gym backpack and run to the nearest park to set up your gym away from gym, and hammer out your full body training HIIT circuit.

You can enjoy being away from home, but don’t let holiday travels keep you from your gym routine!  

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