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7 Day Fat Killing Workouts

7 Day Fat Killing Workouts

You Should Do To Avoid Gaining Weight This Winter

Fall is in full swing and the seasonal shift is unavoidable.  But a shift in your muscle gain or weight loss program should not be in the picture.  This winter season, don’t let the great food, good times, and a chilly weather cause you to slack off on your fitness routine.  

Avoid the extra pounds before they even have a chance to latch on!  

This fat blast killer workout is designed to engage multiple muscle groups at once for efficiency, utilizing your valuable gym time to the max.  The rest periods are between 30-45 seconds to keep an elevated heart rate and the workouts are structured as “tri-sets, meaning 3 exercises are performed followed by a short break.  This will stimulate several muscle groups at the same time to further maximise calorie burn and muscle toning.  

So enjoy the tasty fall season and all the goodness it brings, but make sure your workout routine is just as awesome as this season is!

 Images By Men's Fitness.com

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