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8 Tips for Winter Workout Motivation

Yey, winter.

Some of us love it, some of us hate it.  We’ve worked so hard all summer, crafting our physic to reach out maximum physical potential...or at least we’re working towards it.  We have goals.  

But now we have to cover up, bundle up, and shiver up because…


Speaking from experience, it’s harder to workout in the winter.  When that alarm goes off and the room is still 55 degrees but under the covers, it’s nice and toasty, we don’t want to get up.

But we’ve set goals and we need to stay motivated this winter!

Here are 8 tips for staying motivated in your exercises this winter.


 1. Prepare your mind.

If you can stay positive mentally, you can just about achieve anything.  The power of the mind is something not to be overlooked and when we set a goal to keep a positive outlook, you will get positive results.  

What you focus on is what you get.  Change your wording from, “I have to get up and workout,” to, “I get to get up and workout.”  It’s not that you have to psych yourself up and be super peppy about it.  But you should be resilient in the face that you’ve set some goals for yourself, and your mind is there to push you to achieve those goals.  

Keep it positive. This is your chosen way of life.  What’s the alternative?  Do nothing and lose what you have worked for?  

No way.  

2. Prepare For Your Alarm.

Even if you don’t wake up and work out, prepare for that set time of day that you do workout.  Don’t let anything distract you for your “me” time.  Think of it as an appointment you have made for yourself and be diligent about meeting that appointment.

If you are getting up in the chilly hours of the morning to exercise, then set your alarm away from your bed so you have to get up to turn it off.  This what you don’t just hit the snooze button!

Prep your gym bag ahead of time so you don’t have to think about what you are taking.  You just grab and go!  Keep your gear easy, simple and portable.  

Also, don’t worry about that gym outfit, no one cares, don’t go for people to look at you, but go being ready to sweat!  

3. Don’t eat heavy or late at night.

Again, for those who like to workout in the morning, eating heavy the night before might make you not feel so great in the morning.  You’ll need a few shots of protein before you exercise but if you’re already full, it doesn’t mix well.  

Keep the last meal of the daylight if you’re eating late.  If you do eat a heavy dinner, try to eat around 5 or 6.  By the time you wake up your digestive system will have done its job and you’ll feel ‘empty’ and be more willing to put in the work.  

4. Keep home gym gear for bad weather.

If you live in an area where the roads get really bad, build yourself a small home gym so you can keep up your routine when it’s too bad to go out.

Saying you’re going to “build a home gym” is not as daunting of a task as it seems, nor as expensive.  You can pick up a few items that will enhance your workout that is very cost effective.

Suspension trainers, ab wheels, gym rings, simply weights, resistance bands and jump ropes for cardio are all easy to obtain items you can get to start building your arsenal of home gym gear.  With these items and youtube, you have the making of a hardcore fitness session even when there is 4 feet of snow on the ground.  

5. Splurge on new gear for yourself.

Keep your exercise gear warm if you are cold natured!  It’s not a bad thing to sweat when it’s cold outside.  So buy yourself the warmer winter gear and write it off as self-improvement.  It is in your best interest to keep your winter workouts alive so make sure you are wearing the gear that will help you do that!

Sometimes what you wear makes you feel good about yourself and can keep you motivated.  So grab those fleece lined yoga pants, or that quirky funny gym t-shirt and wear it proudly...all while being warm in your winter workout.

6. Find an exercise buddy.

If you’re having a hard time holding yourself accountable, find someone who has the same workout values and goals as you do.  Even if you can’t exercise together, just being accountable to someone else for the goals you have set will help you stay motivated and pushing forward to accomplishing them.

If you can workout together, even better.  It’s fun to have someone to sweat with and encourage you while you encourage them.  While you might think you are a ‘lone ranger’ in the gym, you don’t have to be.  You gym partner probably needs you just as much as you need them!

7. Try something completely different.

Getting out of your normal routine can be a good thing.

We’ve been talking about making sure you stick to your routine, but as long as you’re doing something, anything, to stay active, you’re getting your workout in.  

Doing something new will steer you away from the path of boredom and stagnation.  Use this time to work on something you’ve never done before.  Find an exercise plan you’ve never done before or an activity you’ve wanted to try and do it!

If you’re used to free-weights, try using body resistance exercises instead.  If you run for cardio, try a jump rope, or swim if your gym has a pool.  

Do anything to keep you interested and active and don’t be afraid to try new things!


8. Set some big goals and set some little goals.

If you don’t have workout goals yet, you should use this winter to make some.  By setting goals, you get a clear vision of where you want to go.  When the goal is clear, then the path to get there  gets clearer too.  

Set these big goals, like how much weight you want to lose, or how many unbroken double unders you want to do in 5 minutes.  But then also make a plan and set up the little goals.  Like how many pounds you’d like to lose in two weeks.  Then the “how” to do that will come easy!  

If you’re a heavy lifter, keep you training hard and set your maximum weight goals at an attainable level so you can hit your mark and keep pushing forward!   The point is, as long as you are looking towards your goal and where you’re going, you won’t be looking behind you and regretting where you’ve come from.  


Don’t let this winter be a chilly season in your workouts.  You don’t have to participate in the “holiday weight gain” if you can just stick to a basic winter workout routine to keep moving and hold tight to your exercise and fitness regimen.


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