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Best Body Weight Ab Exercises You Can Do at Home

We’re only into mid-January, but, we all know spring is only a few months away!  Take these next few cold winter months to do some indoor core exercises to strengthen and tone those abs.  By summer, be ready to rock that bathing suit and show off YOUR bodyweight ab exercise results.  

Keep in mind:

  • Your core contains 3 main groups to target: Upper, middle, and lower abs.  Each group is made up of various muscles that you either can or cannot see but all play their part in sculpting those washboard abs.
  • Abs aren’t just made in the gym, they are made in the kitchen.  There is always a layer of fat over your ab muscles, how much, depends on your diet and cardio routine.  The less of a layer, the more you will see your muscles!
  • Make sure you are performing the moves correctly.  Without correct form, you could injure yourself and not see the results you are working so hard for.  

Targeting Each Group

To successfully tone your core using bodyweight exercises, make sure you are equally targeting each section.  The different ab exercises in this blog will be aiming at all of them!

  • Lower Abs are targets but doing exercise that require you to pull or lift your legs inwards towards your body.  Things like leg raises, scissor legs, mountain climbers and pikes will work lower abs.
  • Middle abs can be worked in conjunction with working your upper and lower abs together.  Doing exercises link crunches, incline crunches, reverse crunches.
  • Upper Abs work the upper part of your abs under your pectoral muscles.  Puls crunches, crossover crunches and full range of motion sit ups will all target upper abs in a workout.

Body Weight  Ab Training

Using no tools, body weight ab training can still get you an effective core workout.  The trouble is sometimes people will find it boring after weeks of training in the same way.

Checkout this video from Nicole Perry on the best body weight ab exercise you can do with no tools.  But keep scrolling for to extra fun ways to get your ab workout in.  

Fitness Trainer Nicole Perry

5 Exercise Ball Ab Workouts

Alternatively, you can spice up your body weight core exercises by adding a few simple tools to work with.  A 62 cm inflated exercise ball is the ideal size to get these workouts in.  


Ball Pike

  • 2 sets of 10 reps

Ball Hip Raises

  • 2 sets of 20 reps

Ball Plank

  • 2 sets of 60 seconds

Ball Jackknife

  • 2 sets of 15 reps

Ball Crunches

  • 2 sets of 20 reps


Ab Wheel exercises

Ab wheels provide an even more challenging core workout.  Because you have to stabilize your body weight over the wheel, more muscles are required, which gives you a harder workout.


For more ab workout training, visit our blog post, here.

If you’re ready to do some serious bodyweight ab workouts, grab some each gear, like an ab mat, exercise ball, or an ab wheel, and start sculpting your summer abs!  What you do in secret will show in the springtime!  


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