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Best Workouts For When You're Sore.

You have been going hard at the gym lately; good for you! Now you're feeling a little sorer and uncomfortable than you would like, and you're debating on skipping a workout or two. Don't worry we've all been there. Well, you don't have to skip a workout! This weeks blog will focus on gentle workouts, remedies for sore muscles, helpful tips for when you're a little under-the-weather, and a highlight of some of our best blogs to date. Don't let being sore hold you back. Instead, embrace it. Of course, you can still use your Survival and Cross gear for these workouts, and don't forget to use the FALL SALE Promo code: SAVE20SC for 20% off for any gear you may be missing in your home. 

If you have been hitting the weights a lot recently, most likely you are going to have a sore day or two. A big misconception is that you should not work out at all when you are feeling sore. That is not always true. Sometimes it helps our muscles to heal if we keep moving, and keep stretching, instead of doing nothing. Doing nothing can make our muscles even sorer because they can become stiff. So, as much as you may be dreading even getting off the couch, try some light activities to ease the pain and speed up the recovery process. 

What To Do:

Stretching: This is one of the most important things to do before and after a workout. Before a work out you'll want to do some Dynamic stretching. After a workout, you will want to do some Static stretching. Review our blog How to Use Dynamic and Static Stretching. 

Cardio: It wouldn't be called an "active recovery" if you didn't need to stay active to recover... Providing that your legs will allow some cardio, get your heart pumping by walking, jogging, and even a stationary bike for even just ten minutes. Of course, a great way, and fun way to get your daily cardio is jump roping! Review our blog How To Build Your Jump Rope Cardio Endurance. 

Eat & Drink: You can eat and drink your way to recovery as well. Sometimes it is helpful to boost the recovery process by consuming protein and plenty of water.

Review our blog 10 Superfoods You Should Eat This Week.

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