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Everyone Needs A Workout Buddy

Maybe you never realized how fun and beneficial having a workout buddy can be! By having a workout buddy you’ll maximize your challenges which will lead to bigger achievements together. If you pick a great one, then you’ll bring out the best in each other. Pick a workout buddy where you can help keep each other grounded and focused on your health and fitness goals. You will both notice each other’s weaknesses and strengths that you may not have known on your own. By communicating those weaknesses and strengths, you create many opportunities for improvement. Who doesn’t want to be their best and do their best?!


Working out alone all the time gets quite boring. With a buddy, you’ll find it easier to try new workouts together. Having a workout buddy can help make the time go by quicker. Having a buddy to talk to and laugh with makes for a positive workout experience. With a positive and stress-free time at the gym, you may feel inclined to workout longer! Just don’t have too much fun and forget why you’re both there! ;)


Create a healthy competition with each other to push one another to your limits. It helps you perform better! Remind each other of your individual goals if you’re feeling discouraged, and create a common goal for both of you. The most important thing you can do is hold each other accountable for achieving each goal you make. However, if one of you is feeling down or loses track, then it’s the other person's job to bring encouragement! Pick up the pieces, or weights rather, and get those gains!


There is an element of safety you both can provide for one another. For example, your buddy may think they are doing great, but you notice that their form is wrong. By showing them the right form for the exercise, you’ll help them get the most out their workout, and prevent injury.  Spotting is another example of how you can keep each other safe and get the most out of your workouts together. 




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