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Father's Day Fitness & Gift Guide

Father’s Day is right around the corner. Whether you are a Dad or you’re planning for your Dad, we’ve come up with some fun ideas to do with your family this weekend! After all, all he really wants is some bonding time. But if you do decide to give him a gift, make sure it is something he will love to use! Now is the perfect time to spoil him! Enjoy these budget-friendly, quick ideas to make the fit Dad in your life feel extra special!


1. Go canoeing, kayaking, paddle boarding.

With a little bit of searching, you can find a local lake or river that will rent out gear for anything from canoeing and kayaking, to boating or paddle boarding.  Most nature reserves have these rentals for $10 or less and these can be great activities to do that will get your family outside, moving, and enjoying the sunshine.  You will even get in a little upper body workout lifting that paddle in and out of the water for hours! 

2. Set up backyard American Ninja Warrior obstacle course.

If you’ve ever watched American Ninja Warrior, you know how much fun those obstacles look. Set up a course in your own yard and have everyone run through. Take some time to design the course with the family. Let everyone take part in building the course and setting up. Use resources like a swing set, boxes, tires, trees or maybe some of your garage gym equipment to make it happen.  

3. Go mountain biking.

Being outside, quality family time, no cost, etc; biking provides a little more speed and thrill (which is what most Dads go for)!  You don’t have to have some fancy bike to just hit the trails with the family and have a good time. 

4. Go for a hike.

Hiking might seem like a simple activity but you’d be surprised how much your Dad will love it! Even if you live in a city or neighborhood, a simple Google search will help you find some awesome local trails. Most trails are free to the public, and you can pack some snacks from home! 

5. Go to the gym.

If you have a fit Dad on your hands then you know how important gym time is to him on a regular basis. Take one day out of your gym routine to workout together. See how much your son can bench press, or how much weight your daughter can leg press.  Don’t make it too competitive but use the opportunity to encourage them and safely instruct them.  




This lightweight backpack folds into a small, sandwich size, pouch when not in use. It's tear resistant vinyl and can carry a 20 lbs weight inside with no problem and is water resistant. This is perfect for everyday use like going to the gym, and for outdoor adventures!

 Coffee Mugs & Apparel

These 11 oz, dishwasher safe and microwave safe coffee mugs make awesome gifts for Father’s Day. Let your him start his day off with the perfect cup of coffee and a little reminder to go to the gym later. 

 Wrist Wraps

Wrist wraps are a daily need. If your Dad loves weights and lifts heavy on a weekly basis, he probably uses wrist wraps. Help him avoid a wrist injury by giving him new and sturdy wrist wraps.

 Ab Mat & Ab Wheel

The ab mat and Ab wheel are two must-haves for every gym loving Dad. The ab mat is designed with a 30-degree arch, which allows your abs to perform a full range of motion sit-up. It allows for a greater load to be put on the lower portion of the abs. To simplify this; ab mat + sit-ups = better abs for Dads! 

The same concept applies to the ab wheel! Help him get those washboard abs he's been dreaming of. By using the ab wheel he will engage his core and feel muscles working that he never has before. 

 Jump Rope

The jump rope helps warm up and get his heart pumping before a workout or training session. This Father’s Day, give Dad a speed jump rope and watch him have tons of fun at home! 

Your Dad is going to love any and all of these options we've shared with you! Whether you're on a budget or need a quick idea, any of these will make him feel special! Fitness is fun, even on Father's Day! :) 



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