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Get Fit Like a Football Player

Power Strength Endurance Speed

Some of you football lovers may already be watching the preseason games. However, kick off for the regular football season is right around the corner, and that means it's a great time to learn some workouts to get fit like a football player at home. They all have power, strength, endurance, and speed. Of course, chances are you probably won't become a football star after this. But, instead of vegging out while we watch our favorite teams, let's have some fun working out while we watch the pros! 

Warm Up

Start with stretching to ensure better flexibility, which will aid in a better performance, and decrease the chance of injury. 

Next start with a quick run to get the heart pumping. 

Arm Workout Video By HASfit

 Chest Workout Video By FitnessBlender

Core Workout Video By Bodybuilding.com

Back Workout Video By Richard Ji

Cardio Workout Video By FitnessBlender

Try Survival and Cross HIIT Workout For Legs





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