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Halloween Tricks and Treats

Happy Halloween, everyone!

Get your muscles screaming this year with these fun Halloween-themed workouts. There are plenty of tricks and treats you can do to stay on track while the candy tries to haunt us. 

One of the most loved Halloween movies that everyone can't wait to watch over and over is Hocus Pocus. Here is a fun workout you can do to distract you from snacking on all those deadly goodies lying around. 

Don't listen to Winifred. It IS a 'glorious morning' to stay motivated and healthy all day long.

The Hocus Pocus Workout: 

When a spell is recited: 15 mountain climbers

When Binx or Emily is said: 15 crunches

When "Sanderson Sisters" is said: 20 squats

Whenever the Book is shown: 15 crunches

When the sisters sing: Jump rope or jumping jacks the entire time

When you hear the word "virgin": 10 lunges

Healthy Halloween Treats:

The veggie pumpkin is a simple and healthy way to keep the theme alive.

The stuffed pumpkin, I mean peppers is another fun way to keep lunches healthy and festive. If you have kids, I'm sure they'll enjoy this just as much. Be creative with what you put in the peppers. You can serve them hot or cold. For a cold dish, you could do a delicious chicken salad. For a hot dish, you could do a turkey burger and rice stuffed/baked pepper. 

The watermelon monster is a cute way to cure that sweet tooth. Fruit is sweet and nutritious. Quite frankly, there is nothing scary about that! Yum!



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