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Have a Healthy 4th of July

Every year we associate the 4th of July as a time of fun, family gatherings, fireworks, summer vacations etc. We’ve come up with a few ways to incorporate health and fitness into your 4th of July Celebration.

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Jump Rope


Ab Mat

Ab Wheel

Exercise Ball

 Tip #2: Eat & Drink Healthy!

 The 4th of July is the USA’s birthday. Usually, we celebrate birthdays with cake. This year we should try something different! Here’s a challenge; think of all the healthy, red, white, and blue foods you possibly can. For example; blueberries, strawberries, bananas, yogurt, etc. Then think about different shapes associated with Independence Day; stars, stripes, fireworks, American Flag, etc. Put your creativity to the test and see what fun yumminess you can come up with! Your table will be looking very fun, festive, Patriotic and most importantly, healthy! Check out this video for some 4th of July Inspiration!

 Now, you may be thinking it is impossible to feed everyone with only red, white and blue fruits and veggies. So, the next best thing we can do is make some healthy swaps! Here’s a list of examples:

 Carrots and Hummus vs. Chips and Dip 

Turkey Burger vs. Cheeseburger and Hot Dogs

Non-Fat Yogurt vs. Cake and Frosting

Avocado Salad vs. Pasta Salad

 Tip #3: Stay Active!

 Don’t forget your everyday fitness apparel so you can work out in style!

 Jump Rope your way to a good time with family and friends. Order a few! Get a fun and friendly competition going on who can jump the longest, who can do the most tricks or the fastest!

 Are you camping, hiking, going on any overnight trips this summer? Check out our backpack! It’s not only great for the gym! It’s light-weight and compact to take on any adventure!

 Okay, so we’ve talked about the jump rope competition you can do at your cookout! Step it up a notch by setting up a fitness obstacle course. Start with jump roping, then lay out a few ab mats and ab wheels. See who can last the longest. Last, but not least, end the obstacle by using the exercise balls.

 Tip #4: HAVE FUN!

 Of course, this doesn’t count as a tip for staying healthy this 4th of July. But sometimes we could all use that reminder, right? Let go of all of your everyday stresses for just one day and enjoy the outside with family and friends. You’ll have a guilt-free, great time knowing you made healthier decisions than most! Happy 4th of July Everyone!
















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