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How to Build a Garage Gym

Staying in shape these days can be a real chore that takes effort, dedication, time and money.  

Or does it?  

You might have had a taste of the gym life and find that it doesn’t really fit your lifestyle.  After a long day at work, driving an extra 20 minutes to your nearest gym to wait around for a machine to use, might not sound too appealing.  

How about building your own garage gym, with the gear you love, no wait time, and you don’t have to pay for a membership?  Building your own garage gym has its major perks.  The only downside is, you might have to get used to a little street parking.  

“But building a garage gym is going to be too expensive.”  Well, not exactly.  You can build a decent garage gym for around $500 which will equal to about a year and a half of the cheapest gym membership possible.  

Let Rogue’s commercial here be a little incentive

Decide What You Need

Not everyone will need 300lbs of deadlift weights and a bar.  Weights can be expensive and take up a lot of room.  In a garage gym, space is limited and needs to stay organized. 

Know what kind of workouts you will be doing.  If you prefer HIIT style training, you might not need all of the weights and bars, than someone who might prefer lifting with weights.  For circuit training and cardio, you can always get easy portable type equipment to use like gym rings, strap trainers, or weight alternatives.  

Decide on the bigger items you know you can't make for yourself, and that you might want to purchase. These may include: plates, kettlebells, squat racks, floor mats, flat bench, etc.

If you’re looking to save even more, you can consider purchasing bigger items used rather than new.

Prepare The Space

If you are used to using your garage as a garage, the transition to a garage gym will require a little bit of effort.  Getting used to parking your family car on the street or driveway is the biggest change.  

Aside from parking, you might have to spend a lot of time organizing and rearranging your garage to prepare the space.  This is tough if you’ve lived in your home a long time, and have accumulated years of….junk...stuff...tools...in your garage.  

Trust yourself. You Will be better off purging yourself of useless items, and replacing the space with a fully functional garage gym.

Tips for making room:

  • Use wall space using wall mount and boards.
  • Hang items from the ceiling using hooks.
  • Utilize stackable storage containers that can be opened and closed.
  • If you don’t need it or haven't used it, get rid of it.

Garage Gym Gear

Your garage gym gear shopping list could be as long or as short as you want.  Just keep in mind this is your gym you are building and don’t add items you aren’t going to use.  

Consider gear that you can do yourself (DIY) even if you aren’t a crafty person.  Most garage gym DIY’s are easy and come with step by step instructions.  Check out our garage gym DIY blog post: CLICK HERE 

Other items you might need for your garage gym are small, can be purchased online, and are easily stored away when not in use.  The idea with these items is that you have to know the workout you will be doing with them and actually incorporate them into your regular routine.  

Consider a few smaller items to use:

Consider a few items to DIY:

  • Plyometric box for legs and agility
  • Homemade weighted ball for wall balls
  • Parallettes
  • Pull up bars

Are you ready to build your gym now?  If you are still looking for some inspiration, check out our Pinterest board and see some awesome garage gyms we found helpful and inspirational.  CLICK HERE

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