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How To Build Your Jump Rope Cardio Endurance

If you are brand new to jumping rope for cardio or even if you are a master at double unders, everyone always has room for improvement.  Today, we wanted to lay out an easy to follow the plan on how you can improve your jump rope cardio sessions. Jumping rope for cardio is a great way to build endurance, but if you start without a plan, then your growth potential could be stunted and it could take you twice as long to improve.

If you plan on incorporating jump rope into your fitness routine, then check out these 5 easy steps towards building your cardio endurance.

1 - Know The Basic Jump

You can start to build your jump rope stamina easily but if you do not start correctly then you set yourself up for frustration and you will be tripping over your rope.  The basic jump is easy but it takes a little bit of practice to master.

To jump rope with good form, you should have your wrist about at hip level during rotation and you should not being swinging your whole arm during the rotation, only your wrists.  You should bounce with a light step about an inch off the group as your rotate the rope around. If you jump too high, you will wear out faster than if you keep your jumps small.

Don’t think that continued practice with the basic jump is holding you back from improvement.  It’s not. Nailing the basic jump means you are setting yourself up to perfect your skill later and improve your speed when you are ready to start speed work.  

2- Establish a Starting Point

If you are ready to start improving your jump rope endurance then you need to know where you are starting from so you can track your progress.  Doing this is simple, but make sure you push yourself. We suggest pulling out your jump rope and setting a timer on your phone. Then jump rope for as long as you possibly can.  

One key point here is not to stop the timer until you are 100% done and exhausted and cannot possibly make another jump.  Do not stop the timer if you trip up over the jump rope. Just make the corrections and keep going. This just proves you have room for improvement and you will see that improvement as time goes on and you keep your timed record.  

Step 3: Record Your Start Point and Progress

Once you have jumped your maximum effort, stop the timer and record the time.  Whether it’s 30 seconds, a minute or two minutes, don’t worry, everyone can improve.  We suggest keeping a log of your time in a notepad on your phone, a file on your computer or even in a real notebook.  

Now the challenge will be to record your jump time everytime you jump rope.  Make sure you are doing the maximum effort method and track your endurance and not jump rope sessions with rest periods.  Remember the end goal is to build cardio, endurance and stamina.

Step 4: Establish a Practice Routine

Now the work begins.  As with anything in fitness, practice makes you better (not perfect).  You must actually jump rope...a lot...to get better. We suggest incorporating jumping rope 4-5 times a week into your regular workout routine.  These workouts can be 5-10 minute sessions with resting periods in between.

Then, at the end of each week before your normal workout, take a few minutes to do your cardio test.  Set your timer and start jumping to for as long as you possibly can. Try to beat the time you had the previous week.  If you jumped for one minute and ten seconds the week before, then go for one minute and thirty seconds.

Tips for Beating Your Time: Mind over body

Often we can utilize mental tools to help us overcome pain we might be feeling in our body.  These tools are useful especially in cardio because your body’s self preservation clock kicks in, but in fact, it can.  Breathing is a huge key in improving your cardio endurance. Focus on your breathing, steady breathing, in through your nose and out through your mouth and try not to gasp for breath continuously even though you might feel the urge.  Stay in the moment and push through any distractions.

Music is also a huge help in staying motivated.  Everyone likes something different, but typically high energy music with a good continuous beat will help you stay pumped during your jump rope test.  

Step 5: Review Your Progress

Don’t take the little things for granted.  If you follow this method of testing your jump rope time and measuring your endurance for over 4 weeks, you will see progress.  Even if it’s minimal progress, it is still there and it’s more than you were doing a few weeks before. Don’t be your own debbie downer if you only increase your time by seconds and not minutes.  This stuff takes times and you might need more practice sessions in between your tests.

We suggest not only recording your time improvement but also take pictures of yourself so you can watch your body transform.  You can use these as a motivator for when you feel like it’s not working or that you aren’t seeing the improvement in your time.  You will see improvement, but only IF you put the work in and if you stay consistent. Even if you only work our 5-10 minutes a day, those little wins will add up.  

So get out, make some space in your room, grab your jump rope, and get to steppin’ out and make your own body transformation happen!

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