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How to Improve Your Jump Rope Skills

How to Improve Your Jump Rope Skills

Great, so you have read through a couple articles online and you know how beneficial jump roping is for your regular fitness routine.  You know it is a great form of cardio that you can do almost anywhere and you know how it helps tone and tighten muscles and build agility at the same time.  But, how do you actually improve your jump rope skills?

Don’t let the broad scope of the question blind you from our very simple answers.  

While there are a thousand things you can do to improve your jump rope skills, our answer can be boiled down into 5 key principles.  

Have A Set Goal

If you ever want to get better at something, what’s the first thing you need to do?  Set a goal or have a destination in mind.  If you don’t know where you want to go you won’t know how to get there.

As with jumping rope, if you don’t know what you want to do with it, you won’t know how to get better.  Are you simply wanting to shred weight and tone muscle?  Then you can focus on longer jumping sessions for endurance.  Are you wanting to become a double under dominator at your local box or gym?  Then you need to learn to master double unders and focus on that.  Do you want to improve your agility because you are boxer or MMA fighter?  Then you need to learn how to do a couple extra tricks to increase your skills.

But, it goes without saying, you need to figure out what it is that you actually want to be doing with your jump rope.  Once you have more focus, you will then begin to learn how to improve your jump rope skills in that area.  

Put In The Work

Once you have established your jump rope goal, it’s time to simply put in the focused work. 

Start by planning out your jump rope workout routine a week or 2 weeks in advance and don’t deter from it!  Do not make excuses for yourself and skip your skipping rope workouts. :)  

Need some inspiration on actually what you should be doing during your speed jump rope workout?  Check out some youtube pages like from Zen Dude Fitness and be inspired by what you COULD be doing with your rope and then START practicing.  

Practice actually make perfect in the jump rope world.  But the great thing about it is anyone can do it, it just takes time and consistency.  

Know Your Position

One way you can vastly improve your jump rope skills is by making sure your positioning is correct and that your jump rope is adjusted correctly for your height.

To adjust your jump rope to your correct height, stand with one foot in the middle of the rope and pull both handles up to your shoulders.  If you are a beginner, the jump rope should be up to about your collar bone and no higher.  If you are more advanced, the jump rope should reach your armpits.  It’s always better to start a little longer than shorter.  If your rope is too short you take the risk of getting your feet tripped up and becoming frustrated.  

sizing your jump rope survival and cross

While performing easy rhythmic single unders, your elbows should be pulled in slightly towards your hips, with your wrist extended out.  You should be casually turning your wrists to rotate the rope and not using your whole arm like a windmill to complete the turns.  

Know Your Gear

Knowing your gear and being familiar with it is half the battle.  You wouldn’t show up to a gunfight with a knife, right?  

There are a few different types of jump ropes that you can use.  Some have a more specific use than others but the general concept is you will get good with the type you get used to using.  For example, leather jump ropes are generally used by boxers for conditioning and agility because the cord is heavier as are the handles.  The opposite of leather ropes is cable ropes which are extremely lightweight and intended for speed work and doing double unders.  Then, of course, there are the average beaded and segmented ropes that serve a simple purpose.  “Just jump me.”  

One who has trained using a leather rope and gotten really good might pick up a speed cable rope and fumble all around with it.  That’s okay!  No matter which kind of jump rope you use, any of them will take some time to master.  

When picking out your rope, know what you want to do with it first and then choose the rope for the job.  (That’s why we said “have a goal” in the beginning!)

Master Double Unders

Immediately after seeing that headline you probably became defensive and thought, “Jumping rope is not only about double unders.”  

You are correct.  

But there is only so many other single jump tricks, high knees, crisscrosses, and pass-overs that you can do before you have maxed out your ability.  Soon you will be wanting something more and at this point, when you have hit that glass ceiling with your jump rope and you want to go bigger….you will want to start trying double unders. (8 Tips to Dominate Your Double Unders)

Like most things, you can learn to do double unders by following a simple training guide to get started and condition yourself for them.  Check out this video from Crossrope Jump Ropes on how to learn double unders by:

Mastering double unders is like the greatest jump rope achievement ever and once you start learning how to perform them you will not want to stop.  They are challenging but fun, and once you can do them you will want to see how far you can go with it, how many unbroken double unders you can do.  


So what are your jump rope goals?  Are you a beginner or have you already become the master of the craft and know everything there is to know?  There might be someone out there who is where you once were and needs a little push in the right direction with their jump rope skills.  Share this article with the next guy and let us know who the big double under dominator is in your gym!

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