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New Product Launch Brings Survival and Cross Into The Boxing Ring

New Product Launch Brings Survival and Cross Into The Boxing Ring

Survival and Cross launches new product never before seen in the boxing or MMA training industry.

Franklin, Virginia - February, 2018

Survival and Cross, an Amazon Best Seller, has now expanded their brand to include a new product which assists boxers and MMA fighters during training.  The company announced in February their partnership with Jubei Sports, owner, and creator of the new product now called the StrikeMMAsk.  

The StrikeMMAsk is a newly designed product intended to be strapped onto a punching bag during training and simulates an opponent so the trainee can accurately strike the dummy during headshots.  Previously, the StrikeMMAsk was only found in the Tampa, Florida area and east coast.  However, with the new partnership of Survival and Cross, the StrikeMMAsk is now available nationwide via their online store.

Creator of the StrikeMMAsk, Jubei Knight states that he created the product so that his students wouldn’t have to visualize where their strikes would fall during training.  “Instead, I wanted to give students and fighters the opportunity to see their target and feel the impact when their hits land correctly,” says Knight.  “I am happy to partner with Survival and Cross so together we can bring the StrikeMMAsk to any gym around the country.  I had the product, but they had the platform to help me sell it on Amazon.”  

CEO, Stephen West states, “Branding and selling already known fitness products is one thing, like our jump rope.  But I have always wanted to bring a totally new product to market and StrikemMMAsk gives us that opportunity.  Jubei is an awesome MMA fighter and he has some incredible ideas on how to improve the sport.  I’m just happy to be a part of that.”  

Survival and Cross have already made the product available in their Amazon store as well as their online website.  The company will continue to make the public aware of their new product, the StrikeMMAsk, through online advertising, blog posts, and their social media platforms.  

To learn more about the expansion plans and product launch of the StrikeMMAsk, contact Suzy Peyton by email, suzy@survivalandcrossfitness.com, or visit their website at www.survivalandcross.com.

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