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Sleeping Habits That Affect Your Gains

There may be a few bad sleeping habits you can fix to have a better effect on your gains. After all, we want to always get the best results from our hard work, don't we?

As we have said before; people who live healthy lifestyles make a habit of going to bed early. They know what time they need to get up, so they simply make it an important nightly duty to turn the phone off and fall asleep within enough hours that will give their body rest.

Resting allows your body to relieve stress and reboot itself. If you aren't feeling fresh for the day then you are less likely to want to work out later. (but just do it, remember?) Getting enough sleep will help with that.

Turning off the TV and shutting down the devices is a hard habit to break at first, but if you dedicate yourself to getting enough sleep, you will reap the rewards in your body and mind.

Check out more from that blog: 7 Habits of Highly Fit People written by Abigail Meyers. 

4 Bad Sleeping Habits To Break Now!

1. The first mistake is obviously not getting enough sleep. Sleep deprivation will most certainly make you feel bad, moody, and more importantly, it will hinder your workout performance. You may feel less motivated. You may also struggle to focus on the tasks at hand. Therefore, you set yourself up for a poor workout session. 

Tip: Stay away from caffeinated beverages later in the day. Try to stick to one in the morning, if you have to. 

2. The second mistake people often make is skipping stretches before bed, or doing the wrong stretches before bed: Check out this blog that I wrote: How to Use Dynamic and Static Stretching This is a guide to stretching that may help you learn which stretches are best at certain times. 

3. The third mistake is having your sheets too tightly tucked at the end of the bed. Who would've thought? Well, if your sheets are too tight, your feet and ankles are flexed forward. This causes muscles to become tight in ankles and calves. It is best to have your toes pointed to the ceiling. 

4. In fact, there are many common, but harmful sleeping positions. Which leads to the fourth bad sleeping habit: Sleeping in the wrong positions. ;) The trick is to avoid muscle tightness as much as possible while sleeping. We want our muscles to heal. A bad sleeping position is sleeping on your stomach. This most often causes your arms and shoulders to tighten and hurt. 

Tip: The best sleeping position is either on your back with the sheets loosened at the end, or on your side with the legs straight and a pillow between your knees. 

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