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Special Announcement | Sweat Like A Girl

Exciting news guys!  Survival and Cross is turning loose, poppin' the cap, and lettin' the dogs out!  We are teaming up with Heather Gidusko, owner, and founder of Sweat Like  A Girl!
Sweat Like A Girl is owned and operated by Heather Gidusko, who has a degree in Kinesiology and Dance. Heather is also a Master Trainer for 3 international fitness companies, a fitness presenter, an obstacle course competitor, a Mom of 3 and is a former Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleader!! Passionate and enthusiastic doesn't even begin to describe Heather's desire to help you achieve your fitness and health goals!

Together, United! 

Sweat Like A Girl is a female only fitness gym in Lehigh Valley Pennsylvania.  It's a place where women of all backgrounds can come together in a safe, user-friendly atmosphere to build no only strong bodies, but also strong confidence.  

Heather and her team of trainers put the "fun" in fitness...where there usually isn't any. By offering clients exciting and motivating classes such as Pole Fitness, HIIT, Kickboxing, Hoop, Barre, and Yoga, clients are sure to leave feeling accomplished and fulfilled after their workout.  

Not only are there fun group classes, but Heather also has gained a large online following through social media and provides online training and courses, fun fitness videos and fit tips through her Train Like A Girl programs.

Want To See More? 

Follow Heather and the Sweat Like A Girl gang on social Media! 


What's Coming Up?!

By uniting forces, Survival and Cross and Sweat Like A Girl are here to bring you awesome kick ass material to make SURE you are pushing forward in your new year goals.  We'll be providing their gym with some awesome quality gear and in the meantime, Heather and the Sweat Like a Girl gang are taking over our Facebook Live Stream channel!  

This Saturday, at 10:15am EST jump on Facebook and follow Survival and Cross as Heather hosts our first live stream EVER!  Make sure you come in workout gear and get ready to get your sweat on!  

Disclaimer* Although Heather specializes in women's fitness, she will be sure to kick some serious man ass as well!  So YES - Even the guys can workout with us, yey interweb!




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