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Summer Body Workout Plan

Summer isn’t over yet, everything is fast paced and you feel like you’re missing all the good stuff the beach has to offer.There are a lot of tips and tricks you can do to make every workout worth sweating for. 

Well say no more! Here are tips to get you going while summer is still here. 


Nowadays, it’s very common that women; even men (believe it or not) always seek easier ways to make their booty look more natural and decent. Some of them seek help from professionals and Doctors to improve their appearance. They prefer getting butt injections, fillers, butt augmentations with fat fillers or even opt-in for silicone implants which are far more dangerous than working hard to get those natural booties you’ve been wanting all your life.

Having a decent diet and workout plan can make things more self fulfilling and achievable. You can add up these exercises in your daily routine to get that awesome booty.

Give it a good 30 Squats; 2 sets

20 Side leg lifts; as many sets as you can

25 Back leg lifts; 1 set

18 Jump Squats; 2 sets

30 Kick Squats; 1 set



Nothing feels better than having a flat tummy. Problematic about how your clothes will fit or how your bikini will look like, especially for those who have given birth. These can help you lose some of those pregnancy fats and will help your skin get tighten after your recovery. 

30 Leg Lifts; 2 Sets

30 Crunches; 2 sets

30 Bike Crunches; 2 sets

1 Minute plank; 1 Set

18 Spider Man Planks; 2 Sets

18 Pull-in Crunches; 2 Sets

Then repeat the process from Booty Workout to Core Workout 3 in 3 cycles. 

Headstart: Make sure you get a good cardio workout to burn those unwanted fats. Drink lots of water and eat healthy. Ready, Set, You can do it!!!!!!

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