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Summertime And Fitness Is Easy

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all be kids again, and spend the whole summer outside doing whatever we want with no worries? Now we are stuck 'adulting'. However, I do have some tips on how to easily balance responsibilities, a fun-filled summer with loved ones, and a healthy lifestyle! It may be much easier than you think. From incorporating fitness into everyday tasks, to enjoying healthy and delicious foods at the family cookouts, you can stay balanced and fit all summer long.

Let’s start with incorporating fitness into our work days. If you have some downtime why not do a couple squats, or maybe even a wall sit? Don’t worry what your co-workers think! Encourage them to join you, and have a laugh about it!

While that may sound like a good idea to you, maybe you’re thinking that your work days are extremely stressful. Would you rather take any downtime to step away from the noise? Meditation is a wonderful tool. After all, a healthy mind is just as important as a healthy body.

Here’s a simple technique you can use for just a few minutes to keep a healthy mindset: Sit comfortably, close your eye, breath naturally, and focus all your attention on breathing in and out.

Summertime is the perfect time to bring our workouts outside in the sunshine! We can do a full body workout and get sun at the same. Win, win for us! So how do we do this?  

  1. Dynamic stretching to help us warm up.
  2. Jump rope for cardio. Here’s a link to some killer cardio workouts
  3. The handy, dandy ab wheel to work your core, arms, chest, shoulders, and back. Here’s a link to help Best Ab Workouts 
  4. Static stretching to cool-down.
Here’s a link to a 10 Day Workout Guide.

 As we have covered ideas on how to incorporate fitness into our everyday responsibilities, and tips on how to enjoy the summer sunshine while getting a work out in; how do we incorporate fitness into our summer days off? Well, most people try to go to the beach at least once or twice. That’s the perfect time to run because the sand increases your calorie burn. Check out the Brad Scott Fitness channel on YouTube for great beach workout ideas.

 With all this workout talk, we need some body fuel ideas, don’t we? Here are a couple videos for healthy and delicious recipes to share with family and friends at the next gathering!

 Check out Remington James Channel:

Check out TheSeriousfitness Channel:


Summertime and fitness IS easy! Let's keep summer exciting by trying new workouts, new healthy recipes, and go new adventures outdoors! It's fun getting out of our every day, same boring routines! Have a wonderful, healthy and happy summer!

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