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Survival and Cross and StrikeMMAsk

 Attention All MMA, Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Jiu-Jitsu guru’s.

Our team at Survival and Cross has a special announcement just for you.  In this week's blog, we are going to go all out on the details of our partnership with Jubei Sports and the StrikeMMAsk trainer.  

We’ll be sending a lot of info your way, video clips, pictures, and practical uses for the StrikeMMAsk as well as introducing you to the one and only MMA fighter, Jubei Knight.

So without further fluff and need for skim reading, here’s the good stuff.


StrikeMMAsk Beginnings

Jubei saw a need for his students and in his own training.  

He became fed up with telling his students they had to visualize where their strikes would fall.  Instead, he wanted to give them the opportunity to actually see their target and feel the impact when their hit landed correctly.  

StrikeMMAsk was created out of necessity.  Jubei desires to build better fighters and provide them with the tools they need to dominate in the training gym and in the ring.   

Jubei began first using the StrikeMMAsk in his home gym in Tampa, FL.   He also provided StrikeMMAsk’s to other local fighters to train with, seeing great results.  As the inventor of the breakthrough fight trainer, Jubei Knight and his team were featured on KnockOutRaido, talking about the success of their new product. 

Recently, Jubei sought out help from Survival and Cross to connect selling the StrikeMMAsk exclusively on Amazon.  Relating to our boxing equipment such as the Survival and Cross Jump Rope, the StrikeMMAsk fits right into our line up.  

Now, the StrikeMMAsk, created by Jubei Sports, but sold first by Survival and Cross to our close followers.  

What Exactly Is The StrikeMMAsk?

Using the StrikeMMAsk trainer, you never have to guess where your hits, punches, kicks or jabs have to land, you KNOW when you make contact.

StrikeMMAsk allows for full contact just like any punching or speed bag. It is easily universal and straps around any size boxing bag staying tightly secure with heavy duty velcro. A rubber coating grips the surface to ensure your StrikeMMAsk does not slip or move during your workout session. It increases your accuracy, speed, and stamina.

If you are honing your fight skills and want to be on the cutting edge of the MMA training or Boxing ring world, then add a StrikeMMAsk to your gym bag. Versatile and easy to use, you can even throw your StrikeMMAsk in a bag and strap it on a tree in the park for a little punching workout and speed drills.

So if you own a gym of the fight sports variety, you will want to provide your students with the best boxing equipment available. Equip all of your heavy duty punching bags with a StrikeMMAsk target and give your kickboxing clients the gift of KNOWING where their hit will land. Take the guesswork out. There’s no room for imagination in the ring, only hard work, and victory.

How To Set Up And Use The StrikeMMAsk

  1. Remove the StrikeMMAsk Trainer from the box
  2. Note the simplicity of the design and rubberized backing
  3. Unstrap the velcro straps
  4. Place the straps around your punching back or other object
  5. Make sure the rubber has a firm grip on the surface
  6. Securely fasten the velcro straps as tight as you can
  7. The straps have velcro around the entire surface, so it can be as tight as you need it to prevent slipping while training
  8. Begin your strike training

So if you are ready to add the StrikeMMAsk to your gym routine then there’s only one place to go.  Check it out here on Amazon and get free shipping for Prime members.  

We are very excited, along with Jubei Sports to bring you this unique training tool to help improve your combat sports skills.


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