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Survival and Cross Introduces New Product, Beaded Jump Rope!

Survival and Cross adds the beaded jump rope to their product  line.

Franklin, Virginia - December 2016

www.survivalandcross.com , a fitness brand providing high-quality fitness products announced it has released their beaded jump rope product in the United States.

Gary Taylor who is the husband of one of Survival and Cross’s team member, Marilyn Taylor said, “Growing up, the one thing I dreamed of getting for my birthday was a beaded jump rope. When I finally got one, I was the happiest boy in town! All I wanted to do was jump rope with friends and see who could do the coolest tricks with the rope.”

Survival and Cross’s Marketing and Social Media Assistant, Angelee said, “my little girl and her cousins are always so ecstatic when we bring out the beaded jump ropes. Not only do they have the best time, us adults jump in and all have a blast together while exercising!”

Performance and Portability

Survival and Cross quotes:

  • GREAT ALL-AROUND FITNESS ROPE: Designed for use by all age groups and skill levels. These ropes are great for adults, teens and children to promote mass participation and aerobic workouts! Perfect for gyms, schools, and homes!
  • DURABLE: Nylon inner cord covered with plastic segments.
  • FEATURES: Length = 8 feet long, Plastic Beads = 1 inch long, Handles = solid black and plastic, does not glow in the dark, although, we wish it did too!
  • EASY TO USE: Ideal for all hand sizes with thick handles and a comfortable grip. Practical, portable, and works well on harsh surfaces.

Pricing and Availability

The beaded jump rope is available now on Amazon, Ebay, and www.survivalandcross.com. Pricing starts at $9.

About Survival and Cross

Survival and Cross seeks to help individuals reach their peak fitness goals by providing quality manufactured fitness gears.

Survival and Cross is a small family owned and operated business, started on laptops in a backyard with a goal to create a brand that brings better service and better products to anyone who seeks to improve their physical preparedness.  

For more information, visit www.survivalandcross.com.


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