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Survival and Cross Launches Calf Compression Sleeves

Survival and Cross Launches Calf Compression Sleeves

If you live under a rock, then you might not know of the recent launch made by Survival and Cross.  Amazon’s top-rated #1 seller of speed cable jump ropes has worked very hard to bring many home gym fitness products to their online store but this one they are particularly excited about.

Recently, Survival and Cross’ community manager, Suzy Peyton, answered a list of questions sent in regarding the brand's new calf compression sleeves.  This gives a little insight as to the dream behind the company, the reason for launching compression sleeves, and their plans for the future.  

Why did Survival and Cross decide to launch calf compression sleeves?

Since we started the brand in 2014, we have always had a customer-centered vision.  It’s almost like we try to befriend anyone who sends us an email and anyone who leaves a comment about our products.  So when different people started asking if we sold compression sleeves, we started listening.  We want to offer our followers, not what we think they should have, but what they tell us they want!  So it only took a handful of inquiries from followers for us to start looking into making compression sleeves.

Who designed the compression sleeves and why?

Our CEO and founder, Stephen West, actually had the idea to put our logo on the front of the calf compression sleeves.  After looking around at other sleeves available, he decided they were a little plain for our followers who are generally the more hardcore fitness gurus.  So we went with the skull and cross bone design because it stands for bringing what’s dead to life, our aging and dying bodies can be brought back to fullness and wellness through fitness and healthy living.  That’s pretty much our message, some people don’t like it, but most people love it!

Who can benefit from these calf compression sleeves?

Pretty much anyone.  Compression sleeves work by keeping increased blood flow through the calves and legs during and after any kind of physical activity.  So if you are running, biking, lifting weights at the gym, or jumping rope then these sleeves will help keep the soreness down during the rest period later.  They are lightweight enough that they can even be worn under your clothes if you are pulling a long day at work, or standing all day.  They are just great for your leg comfort.  They really look cool too for those who do mud runs.  They help protect from those scrapes and cuts when you’re running the obstacle course races.

Where will the Survival and Cross compression sleeves be sold?

Our calf compression sleeves are already available in our store on amazon.com, on our website www.survivalandcross.com and in our eBay store.  Pretty much on any of your favorite shopping platform, we have made them available on.  

What future plans does Survival and Cross have for promoting the compression sleeves?

Pretty much it will be like what we have always done, client word of mouth.  We’ve thrived off of our customers' feedback and how we respond to them.  We want them to be happy so by befriending our followers and getting to know them then we know what they want and don’t want in a product.  We also take time to personally respond to and work with people who might need sponsorships in events and fitness program.  It kind of snowballs into, Joe tells Gary about the gear and Gary tries it too and loves it and he tells all his gym buddies.  Before you know it, there’s a whole gym full of people using our gear, not because we’re special, but because we listened and cared about what our fitness community needs and wants.

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