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Survival and Cross Launches Snapchat Account

Franklin, VA July 30, 2016 - Survival and Cross announced today that they have added a Snapchat account to the line of social media platforms they are currently in.

Snapchat is the second most used social media network in America. It connects different audiences and businesses for a variety of different purposes. Snapchat presents an opportunity for businesses to provide newsworthy content for a limited amount of time keeping individuals on their toes.

“Snapchat is a great tool to engage and connect with our customers, loyal fans, and potential partners to continue to share the love of our products and fitness to communities all over! It will also keep individuals informed about any updates or latest news from our team!” says Marilyn Thach, Survival and Cross Team Member. “ Our team has great ideas on how to utilize the app and get all of our supporters to get the latest and greatest snaps daily!” Amber Ballance, Survival and Cross Team Member

Another Survival and Cross team member, Cei Ricalde said, “It’s great to see how all these social media platforms are bringing more awareness to our brand daily and we look forward to utilizing Snapchat to stay connected with all our supporters and communities!

The team at Survival and Cross expects to utilize Snapchat to inform the audiences of special promotions, contests, updates and to have their fans get the opportunity to share their fitness tips and goals for a week on their account.


About Survival and Cross

Survival and Cross seeks to help individuals reach their peak fitness goals by providing quality manufactured fitness gear that will guarantee an optimized workout.  “We have dedicated our business to those who live life passionately and see peak physical preparedness.  “Our community has grown to include a plethora of Cross Fitters, boxers, mixed martial artists, Navy Seals and military personnel.” says Survival and Cross.


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