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Survival and Cross Moves Into A Larger Office

As Survival and Cross continues to launch more products and build their brand, they have now moved into a larger office. The new, larger office space is associated with the growth in staff and the increasing number of products being launched.

Survival and Cross will remain on the top floor at the Franklin Business Center building located in Franklin, VA. “The new floor plan will help make room for all of our inventory and make room for our growing team.” said Survival and Cross team member, Marilyn Thach.

“I am excited for the future of Survival and Cross. It feels like just two years ago, we had a vision and now it is becoming a reality. It is all becoming clearer to me each day that our purpose is to continue to empower, encourage, and educate individuals all over to live a healthier lifestyle by challenging themselves each day in their fitness workouts with our products” said Survival and Cross team member, Abigail Baines.

About Survival and Cross

Survival and Cross seeks to help individuals reach their peak fitness goals by providing quality manufactured fitness gear that will guarantee an optimized workout.  “We have dedicated our business to those who live life passionately and see peak physical preparedness.  “Our community has grown to include a plethora of Cross Fitters, boxers, mixed martial artists, Navy Seals and military personnel.” says Survival and Cross.

Learn more about Survival and Cross by visiting their website www.survivalandcross.com.  

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