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The Ultimate Mother’s Day Fitness Wish List

Mother's Day Fitness

We’re willing to bet that your mom is one of the most important ladies in your life.  We’re also willing to bet you are going to wait until the last minute to find the perfect gift for her, like always, because finding the “best gift ever” is so hard….right?  

Of course, your Mom is no ordinary mom.  She's a fit Mom!  She spends time at the gym, working out, taking care of her body as well as making sure her family stays as fit and healthy as possible.  

She’s the hardcore, gym ready, lifting heavy sh** kind of Mom!

Let us help you do the shopping for Mother’s Day this year.  We took a survey directly from Moms of the most liked gear from Survival and Cross.  The results are listed here!

Find the perfect gym shirt or home gym tool that you know your Mom will love and take the stress out of last-minute Mother’s Day shopping this year!

#1  Speed Jump Rope

survival and cross jump rope

“I love cardio!” said no Mom ever.

Of course, she loves the effect of cardio; the ability to burn calories as a high rate, flatten the tummy and boost her energy level.  But, of course, the process of a long cardio session is hard work, boring and time-consuming.

Get Mom a speed cable jump rope this year so she can liven her cardio workout up!  These jump ropes can be used anywhere so if she’s stuck at home, it’s a great tool to grab and burn some extra calories.  It’s also super convenient to travel with and is even a great activity she can do with the kids!  So if you decide to get her this jump rope, you might want to pick up a few for the little ones as well.  Make it a family affair!

#2 Mom Strong T-Shirt

survival and cross

Every Mom loves the reminder that she is awesome, strong, and can take on the world.  Life is tough juggling kids, work, and a household!  Remind her just how strong she is!  She’s not just strong, she’s Mom Strong.  Despite some rough days here and there, she’s the toughest Mom ever!  Tell her just that with this Mom Strong retro style t-shirt!  

#3 Exercise Ball

survival and cross

Exercise balls are a perfect addition for any in-home gym.  For the days your Mom might not have a chance to get out to the gym, buy her an exercise ball!  These are ideal for full body workouts and have the ability to help her vary her workout intensity. To top it off, not only will she appreciate the great workout it will help her get, but she’ll love how much the kids enjoy playing with the exercise ball as well!  (given nothing breaks in the house while it’s “exercise ball fun time” :) )

The Survival and Cross exercise ball even comes with a complete workout guide that is user-friendly and ready to get your Mom started with her home gym workout routine!  

#3 Mommy Muscles

survival and cross

If your Mom is a brand new Mom with a new baby, she will certainly get a kick out of our Mommy Muscles tank top or t-shirt.  Every mom knows what it’s like lifting a baby every day and mommy's muscles are REAL!  That little baby might have started as a small 6 pounds, but they didn’t stay there for long and has been growing ever since.  So are those Mommy Muscles!

She’s proud to be a Mom, even at the gym!  Make her feel good and let her show off her Mommy Muscles proudly!

#4 Lightweight Backpack

survival and cross

Let’s face it.  Moms like bags.  

There’s the bag she has to bring home groceries, the cute carry bags she takes her things to work, the overnight bags she sends the kids off with, and the list goes on.

Then there’s the bag that she wants to have that is exclusively for her gym gear!  Grab her this lightweight travel backpack that she can store all of her gym clothes, shoes and gear in.  It makes it easier to grab and run out the door on the way to the fitness center.  

The vinyl material makes it water resistant and she can even spray it with Lysol to disinfect because we know your fit chick Mom doesn’t like the sweaty clothes smell in her gym bag.  This backpack can even fold into a sandwich size case for convenient storage.

#5 This Mom Lifts

survival and cross

Your gym crazy Mom can lift some heavy weight!  She’s worked hard at her muscle gains and she’s not afraid to show it.  Let her show off her hours of hard work at the gym with the “This Mom Lifts” racer back tank top.  She’ll love it and wear it proudly on those heavy barbell days.  

Next time you hear her say, "I need more cute gym clothes," you will be able to hand her some awesome tanks you have given her for Mother's Day!

#6 Wrist Wraps

survival and cross

Speaking of lifting, your Mom probably could use a new pair of wrist wraps.  The number one benefit of using wrist wraps is that they allow you to fatigue the target muscle you are working rather than worrying about your grip strength failing first.  The weight lifting mom in your life knows all about this and would really appreciate a pair of wraps that she can feel confident in using while working the barbell weights.  

These wrist wraps are stretchable and attach using strong velcro and are guaranteed to provide the best support for Mom’s wrist during the heaviest workout.  

survival and cross


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