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Too Busy To Go To The Gym? Put A Gym In Your Office!

Do you ever feel like you can’t find time to make it to the gym? Are you feeling overwhelmed at work? Looking to excel in your career while maintaining a healthy lifestyle? You know how if you could just get healthy and start exercising again then you will feel great, but you just don't have the time to get started. You barely have enough time to take the kids to practice or do that powerpoint presentation your boss asked you to do. How are you supposed to find time to workout? We have just the idea for you.

No need to neglect your healthy living lifestyle in place of a successful working career, enjoy the luxury of creating your own gym environment in your office!

How To Build Your Own Office Gym

  • Take 5 minutes out of every hour during an 8 hour work day to equal 40 minutes of jumping rope!
  • Create a self-supporting apparatus to put gymnastic rings up in the office. Gymnastics rings can be used for bodyweight exercises. Try putting up an anchor point in the office to hang gymnastic rings on.
  • Store a set of lacrosse balls in your desk drawers and pull them out throughout the day to relieve trigger points that cause discomfort. By relaxing contracted muscles that cause pain and soreness and improves circulation, you will begin to feel better and therefore be more productive within your working environment.
  • Keep an ab wheel underneath your desk to squeeze in a highly effective core exercise. The ab wheel uses rubber wheels for stability on any surface. The handles are ideal for workouts with a half inch, rubber coated steel tubing. The ab wheel is designed to strengthen your core muscle group, as well as your shoulders and back.

By taking time out in your office to improve your overall body condition, your mental state will naturally follow. Also, once your Boss sees you are able to get more done, he will be buying all the equipment for everyone! The thought of calling out sick won’t be on your mind anymore. You won’t be wasting your time or company time looking at cat/kitten videos just hoping it will make the day go by faster.

What are you waiting for? Start flipping that boring, dull office of yours into the most desirable office gym that will get everyone in the office wanting to take a break and hang out with you!

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