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Top 10 Best Black Friday Gift Ideas for the Fitness Guru in Your Life


Don’t let the hectic black Friday shopping season make you feel like you have to pull your hair out to find the perfect deals.

We take the stress out of your black Friday shopping excursion by telling exactly what that fitness guru in your life needs in their next workout.  Don’t know anything about the gym, fitness, Boxing, or MMA?  Don’t worry, we will help you shop for that fitness fanatic.  

Here are the top 10 things any gym lover would adore you for.

1. Exercise Ball

 2. Jump Rope

You might not know how important jump ropes are, but the gym lover in your life does!  Speed jump ropes are used in almost every WOD (workout of the day).  Beyond just gym guru's, boxers and any ring fighter will use a jump rope to warm up and get the heart pumping before a workout or training session.

Because there is virtually no space needed to get in a good cardio with a jump rope, it is also ideal for in home use.  There are also a wide variety of types available depending on skill level.  

3. Ab Wheels

Abdominal core workouts: The most triggered muscle group any fitness guru targets regularly to get washboard abs they can be proud of.  By using ab wheels, any gym freak can get a killer ab workout anytime, anywhere.


4. Resistance Bands

Bands are a quick easy tool to add to any gym bag.  By providing extra resisting pressure, they increase the difficulty level in moves like the pushups, row backs, presses, and more.  They can also be used to assist in more difficult moves like muscle ups and chin ups.  

The black Survival and Cross 75 lbs weight resistance band is the most purchased band as it can be used in so many varied ways.  There, we took the guess out of, “Which band weight do I get?”


5. Exercise Ball

Exercise balls are fastly being rediscovered for home gym use, and not just for the yoga and pilates lover.  Our Survival and Cross exercise ball will come with a specific, helpful, exercise guide that will assist in any fitness fanatics work out routine.  

What’s not to love about a giant bouncy ball addition to your workout toolkit?

 6. Ab Mat

The ab mat is designed with a specific, and functional 30-degree arch which allows your abs to perform a full range of motion sit-up.  The tool removes the hip flexors from the sit- up range of motion, allowing for a greater load to be put on the lower portion of the abs.

But without getting too involved with why this is good or how it works, all you really need to know is this:  Ab Mat + Sit-Ups = Better Abs.  

And your gym partner needs one.  

7. Wrist Wraps & Hand Grips

You might not know all the tools needed in your fit freaks gym routine, but we can assure you wrist wraps and hand grips are a daily need.  If your gym buddy or weight lifter lover ever touches a weight, they probably use wrist wraps and hand grips.  

You don’t want your gym bestie to ever experience wrist injury, so make sure they have a fresh pair of sturdy wrist wraps.  And calloused hands are never fun for anyone, so let a new set of hand grips put a smile on their face and softness back into their palms!

8. Gym Rings


Gym rings are a fantastic gift for anyone who does calisthenics or who prefers the functional fitness using bodyweight style workouts.  They are a tool that most might not think to get for themselves because most don’t realize how easy it is to set up.

Like the suspension trainers, they can be set up virtually anywhere there is an anchor point.  Don’t let all the different types keep you from making a decision.  You basically only need sturdy PVC rings and straps.  

9. Lacrosse Balls

After all the work a fitness freak puts into their training workouts, reward them with a new pair of lacrosse balls.

But, they don’t play lacrosse....

No, but lacrosse balls are also known as massage therapy balls in the fitness world.  Because of their small hard size, they can be used to trigger points in the muscles to release knots and built up tension caused by hard workouts or even injury.  

Some people even have a daily rollout routine to prep muscles before and after a workout.  This helps keep muscles in peak form and lessens soreness so a gym guru can keep their routine without much down time between workouts.

10. Backpack

To tie a nice bow around our top 10 best black Friday gifts for the gym freak in your life, you should consider a gym backpack.  Specifically, one that folds into a small, sandwich size, pouch when not in use.  

This backpack is tear resistant vinyl and can carry a 20 lbs weight inside with no problem and is water resistant.

Not that they will be putting weights in it.  They will probably be using it to store all the awesome things you got for them as they trek back and forth to the gym or WOD Box every day!  

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