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Top 10 Expert Tips For Working Out At Home

It is often said life is full of ups and downs.  But honestly, it often feels like life is full of ups and downs, lefts and rights and all directions in between.  We run through each day trying to be as successful as possible but sometimes we aren’t successful enough when it comes to our workout routine.  

By the end of the day, we realize we’ve gotten everything done on our to-do list except for working out.  So we tried to burn through a workout at 9 o’clock when we are dog tired, the workout is unplanned, and the kids aren’t even in bed yet.  

As much as we preach a steady gym workout routine around here, we know that life pitches us lemons as fast as Walter Johnson throws a baseball.  

If you find yourself in a situation where the only way to workout is to workout at home, then we want to make sure you get the best at home workouts.  Your fitness routine can be extremely successful if you take into account these ten expert tips for workout out at home.

Top 10 Expert Tips For Working Out At Home


Building a solid at home workout routine is our number one key to successfully workout at home over a long period of time.  Without a routine,it is easy to be willy-nilly with your daily workouts and not really accomplish or see results. Seeing results is critical because this gives us the fire and momentum to keep going!

Part of workout at home means you set aside dedicated time to get the workout in.  One benefit of workout at home is that it takes up less of your time. You don’t have to travel to a gym, wait for machines, or pack a bag for the shower.  Developing an easy to follow plan is easily done within a 30-45 time period.


  • Plan your routine around your schedule each day
  • Set overall workout goals or weight loss goals you wish to accomplish
  • Stay dedicated so that nothing comes between you and this time to yourself.


While we agree that there are tons of body-weight exercises you can do at home (and should be doing), we also believe your workouts will be more successful with added tools to assist you.  

Having these extra tools will bring you variety and add difficulty to your average body-weight exercises.  They also keep your workouts interesting and fun. Try to research what style of home workouts you enjoy doing and then make your purchases around that.  

We suggest getting items that are easy to set up, use, and put away when not in use.  

Key home workout tools are a jump rope for cardio, an ab mat for sit ups, an exercise for various balance-improving exercises, and kettlebells to add weight to your exercise.  


  • Get creative with weights if you haven’t purchased any.  Books, ammo cans, filled water jugs, ect.
  • Buy affordable items, Amazon is a great start


No war was won with a single hero.  It takes an army to win a victory.

While you don’t need to have an army at your disposal, it is ideal to have at least one buddy who knows your goals and who is willing to help you accomplish them.  Having a workout partner means you have someone you can check in with, complain to, and share victory stories with.

Workout out with a partner makes it fun and lively.  They will also probably be able to push you harder than you would push yourself.  You don’t have to workout together all the time.

Don’t try to fight the fitness battle on your own, it’s much more rewarding when you have a partner.  You are able to encourage each other, share knowledge, and push each other to do more.


  • Your gym buddy can be virtual.  If they live far away, start a blog, or sharable document to track each other progress.  Use technology to your advantage
  • Push each other, but don’t overdo it, still be respectful of each other's limits.


Half the battle of working out from home is being inspired to do so.  To an extent you have to “just do it” but it’s important to get your head in the game so to speak.  

What inspires you to live the healthy life?  Is it following fitness instructors? Looking for new activewear clothes?  Get daily motivational quotes sent to your inbox? Whatever it is, you have to motivate yourself mentally to prep for the physical work ahead.  

Use social media to your advantage.  There are so many fitness trainers out there who have highly active Instagrams, Twitter or Youtube channels.  These platforms you can use for inspiration. Seeing others success story will help you stay on track

You can even be your own inspiration by making an Instagram fitness account for yourself and track your progress.  Taking pictures will help you visualize how far you have come over time. You make your account private so no one can see you uploads or you can choose to make them public.  


  • Make your favorite motivational quote into a poster and hang it up as a daily reminder.
  • Follow only a few of your favorite fitness stars, too many and you can find yourself spending too much time on social media and not actually working out.


This tip factors in even if you workout at home, at the gym, or anywhere else.  If your eating habits do not match up to your workout habits then you won’t see much success.

A healthy, balanced diet is important to see any kind of results.  If you are home more than your not then gabbing snacks and junk food is easier than if you were out all day.  Avoid unnecessary calories and go for foods and snacks that are going to feed your body and prepare it for what it is meant to do: being strong and healthy.

It is just as important to stay as disciplined during mealtime as it is during your workout.


  • Prep your meals a week in advance.  This takes out the decision-making process, where you are more likely to cave into bad choices.
  • Just don’t buy it - just don’t by the snacks and junk food.  If it’s not there, you can’t eat it.
  • Grab and go healthy meals are your friend - protein shakes and bars, fruit, ect.


If you have decided workout at home, it’s probably because you don’t wish to pay a gym membership, and probably can’t pay for a fitness instructor either.  That’s ok! There are so many available training tools on the internet these days that you can become your own teacher.

But you have to be willing to continuously learn.

Take time to really learn the different exercises you need to be doing to achieve your goals.  You have to be your own instructor. Use Youtube or podcasts to your advantage and watch workout videos, listen to techniques, and even the process of how your body stores and uses energy.  

Being knowledgeable about this lifestyle will help to be successful in your workouts.  Take all of the things you learn as a whole and group them together to apply to your own specific needs.

Don’t give up on yourself if you aren’t strong enough yet to do new exercises.  You have to learn balance, strength, and mobility and all of that comes with time and practice.  


  • Don’t be afraid to try new exercises
  • Follow helpful Youtube channels to learn new techniques


One of the best things about workout from home is you are your own DJ.  You can choose the playlist and have it as loud as you want! When your jams match your mood they can help increase your energy levels and give you a more effective workout.

Create a playlist that you love to workout to, one that will help you keep beap to the rhythm of your reps.  On certain music channels such as Pandora and Youtube, you can search for already created “workout” playlists and go from there if you don’t want to build your own.


  • Use your smart tv to play music or a Bluetooth speaker if you are taking it outdoors.
  • If you absolutely have to have headphones, use Bluetooth headphones so you have the freedom to move with being attached to a cord.


Put them away.

There’s nothing worse than getting in a half-ass workout because your dog keeps licking you in the face or you keep checking your text messages every 2 minutes.  When you are ready to workout, make sure you are focused and dialed into what you are supposed to be doing. (Instagram stories are not a part of your workout regimen)

If you have kids, we suggest giving them a talk, that when it’s workout time, we don’t bother Mommy or Daddy, or you can even get them involved and make them workout with you.  Make it a rule that if you interrupt, then you have to do it with you…they will quickly quit interrupting you.

Your workout is only as good as you are focused and dedicated to it.  So if something else has half your attention, then you are only giving half your effort to the exercise.  


  • Silence your phone
  • Put the dog outside
  • Stay focused and get it done

Dedicated Space

Part of working out at home means you have to create your own gym space and that space likely will be occupied with tools and equipment.  If you have a garage that you can repurpose, then you can build a garage gym and keep your equipment there and out of the way.

However, if you are in an apartment or smaller living space, then finding the best spot to workout can be a challenge.  No one likes seeing exercise equipment laying around everywhere. Dedicate a box, tote or bookshelf to store your tools and always put things back in their place when you aren’t using them.  That way you are always able to grab them quickly when needed and they don’t grow legs and go running off to another unknown location in your house.

The beauty of working out at home is you can decide the best spot and you can even change it up if you need.  Going outside is a great option when weather permits.


  • Store your tools easily but within reach
  • Stay organized


This expert tip seems pretty obvious but you would be surprised at how hard it is to commit to sticking to your exercise routine when you choose to do it at home.  Paying for a gym membership brings that extra incentive that if you don’t use it, you are wasting money.

Committing yourself to your workout is tough but there are some tools and tips you can use to help stay dedicated.  Use a notebook and physically write down your workouts each day so you can check them off when you do each rep. This helps you visualize your progress.

Use a fitness tracker app on your phone to track your exercise.  Sometimes, these will even give you a workout plan that you can go by and it will help keep things fresh and new every day.

Working out at home means you can stay relaxed, make it quick, and keep it affordable.  But it doesn’t mean you can treat it like something that does matter to you. It should be one of the most important things you do for yourself in a day.

We hope that these top 10 expert tips for working out at home will help you with your own home workout routine.  We know what it’s like to not be able to afford expensive gym memberships, but we also believe anyone can workout anywhere with the right information and tools at their disposal.  

Now, go knock out our workout!

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