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Top 10 Reviews on Survival and Cross' Latest Compression Sleeves

The verdict is in.  A line has been drawn in the sand.  There's something you need to know about Survival and Cross' latest product, the calf compression sleeves. 

Fitness gurus love them.   

They love them enough to take the time out of their busy schedule to write in with their feedback on the calf compression sleeves.  These reviews were unbias and totally done without pay in any way.  The reviewers just wanted to give their two cents on what they thought about the sleeves.  

We figured, since you love taking care of your body, you would want to read some of these reviews yourself and maybe make your own opinion.  But you have to have tried the sleeves out first of course.  We've recently presented that opportunity but in case you were still on the fence about these awesome compression sleeves, take a look at these top 10 reviews on Amazon.com about the sleeves.  

You never have to take our word for it.  But do consider your fitness peers, these avid gym go'ers and bodybuilders just living the "fit life" dream.  

Top 10 Reviews on Survival and Cross Compression Sleeves

"Bought a pair of these last week as have been using Survival & Cross jump ropes for over a year and love the company and their products ... as soon as I saw these available decided to grab a pair as compression sleeves help my chronic calf pain from getting too bad after a workout ... 1st thing is these things are really Bad Ass looking !!! Sometimes I hesitate to wear compression sleeves because makes me look like an old man ... but not with this logo .... As far as effectiveness, I used today for a long run and my calf pain was kept under control throughout and I left on for a while after the run for recovery ... feels great. Good fit and high quality ... what more could you ask for from compression sleeves ..." 

---Joseph J.

Great compression sleeves for your legs. I'm relatively new to the idea of training with compression sleeves, but I decided to give them a shot to see if it could help alleviate some pain due to shin splints. I'm a jump rope junkie, and I usually train 6 days a week with my rope. I have been wearing these sleeves on my legs for the past 2 weeks during and after my workouts to try them out. Overall my pain has been less and my recovery has been better. If you're a runner or a crossfit enthusiast who deals with a little leg pain, I would highly recommend giving these a try. Don't buy them thinking you're miraculously going to run faster or jump higher, (these are no PF Flyers from the Sandlot) but if you are looking for something to take the edge off and help you train a little harder, these compression sleeves are what you need.

Also, as with all Survival and Cross products, the quality is good, the price is affordable, and the customer service is great. You won't be disappointed.

--Jacki Jormp Jomp

These calf compressors are not only cool as hell to look at, but the fit is perfect. My calves are huge and very muscular. After tearing my right calf, the swelling was unbelievable. After a week of icing it, and staying off of it, and receiving these compressors, I'm well on my way to full recovery. They have far exceeded my expectations. I'm not a doctor, but I do feel these calf compressors have does up my convalescence. They feel awesome.

--Chris. D.

I had shin splints, so I bought these to help with the pain. To my surprise, I got almost immediate relief. My pain has all but gone away. I actually thought these were going to be hot and uncomfortable. They are not, in fact I forget that I have them on and have actually jumped in the shower just to find out I hadn't removed them. They are awesome, you can't go wrong ordering yourself a pair.

--Dan M

I am in the United States Army and I utilize Survival & Cross products throughout my physical fitness regimen. These Calf Compression Socks work great!! They feel amazing after a long run. But, I have also started to wear them while deadlifting, to help protect my shins from abrasions!! Great product as usual!! Keep up the good work!!

--SFC Tim S.

I always shy away from things that have 5-star reviews right off the bat. "No one's THAT cool, right?" Well, Survival and Cross is. And not in a wearing super baggy jeans during the 90's way, but in a Han Solo being effortlessly cool kind of way. Survival and Cross put out compression sleeves for your calves and they totally nailed it the first time. Like, without any apparent effort. Just, "What? Your legs are tired after a long shift on your feet? What? You need some way to keep going stronger and recover faster from long runs? I can fix that." And then they did. These sleeves are wonderful. Like booster rockets for your legs! They have the absolutely perfect amount of compression to them. I can feel them on there, snugging my calves up after I get a break and finally sit down, but they don't cut into my legs or restrict me even a little when I get up. I work in a hospital and its a lot of really long nights with no sit-time. My legs have been getting more and more tired and weak by the time i get done in the morning. This last weekend, after I got these bad boys on, I had two truly busy nights. I felt fantastic. For the first time in ages, my legs weren't achy and heavy by the end of the shift! I thought it might be a fluke after the first night, so I washed them ( work clothes are not wear-at-home clothes), dried them, and wore them again. Again, perfection. I've tried other compression type leggings and socks and things and honestly, they're all kind of terrible.

These? These are AWESOME. Everyone on my list is getting them for Christmas. Yeah, Grandma, you're getting some too. You know your legs swell after scooting around all day at the bingo hall and these, love, these are way better looking than those ugly white socks you never wear anyway unless we bug you. You, athletic cousin that runs trail marathons? You're getting a pair of these sleeves too. Why? Protection from brambles and small but ferocious animals, better performance due to the great and consistent (without being restrictive) compression, an entirely new fan demographic based on your newfound fashion sense, and faster recovery? I might even get myself another pair! Or six more for that price! Seriously, super inexpensive, perfect compression, great results even after a terrible weekend at work, (plus the added secret bonus of feeling like I had on some kind of superhero armor under my pants) and these things look great. My son wanted to wear them just because he thought they looked cool. I told him he's going to need bigger legs first. Then I'll get him his own pair. Because I'm not sharing.

--Luke S. 

OMG!!! Survival and Cross Calf Compression Sleeves are so comfortable. Unlike other calf compression sleeves I've tried (including TC's), Survival & Cross' calf compression sleeves does not feel tight, does not leave red imprints on my skin or feel like it's cutting off my circulation. Whenever I wore calf compression sleeves in the past, I had to stop in the middle of my workout to take them off because they felt they were cutting off my circulation. Survival & Cross Calf Compression Sleeves are soft but not constricting. They feel good. They give me the warm and support that I need. I highly recommend them.

I may have to buy a second pair because the boyfriend got a hold of them and won't give them back. He had his knee replaced in January 2017. In August 2017, he fell down the steps and broke his leg. Yes, the leg with the new knee. Last week, he strained his calf muscle on the good leg. Neither one of us had an ace bandage. So, I gave him one of the Survival & Cross Calf Compression Sleeve. He loved it! That dull achy burning sensation he had subsided. He doesn't have to put heat on his calf muscle because Survival & Cross Calf Compression Sleeve gives him warmth and support he needs.

--Karen D.

Years ago, I used to wear calf sleeves whenever I ran but hadn't used them for several years. I've been doing CF for about a year, and thought I would try these out. They are helpful in so many ways. Aside from the obvious (support while running), I like to use them whenever I box jump, for the added umph to the jumps, as well as a little protection for the inevitable slip up. They also help with protection on rope climbs, which tear my ankles up. Finally, they work nicely to prevent cramps during recovery. Also, the material feels more robust, more "clothy" than any others I've had, which I like. I definitely recommend them. I'm not a little guy, so I need all the help I can get, and these sleeves are definitely part of my arsenal!

--Carl R.

I was recently on crutches after a bad fall. It seems I strained my calf slightly. The girlfriend thought these might help, boy was she right. They helped quite a bit, only bad thing- she made me give them back to her. Not a problem, I ordered my own ... now we both can enjoy this item. Great service from the supplier and Amazon.

--Ken G.

Definitely the best compression sleeves I own. As an added bonus, they saved my shins during my most recent dead lift session. A definite addition to my gym bag.

--Gary S.

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