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Valentine's Day Partner Workouts

Happy Valentines Day!

Whether you have a hot date tonight or you are staying in for pizza and a movie, Valentine's Day is all about being with the one you love and showing them exactly how much you love them.

What better way to show your love than by getting a little workout in together to improve your health and body overall and doing it together?

Valentines Day doesn’t have to only be about fancy restaurants and chocolate covered strawberries.  Take some time out with your partner this week and do your workout together.  You’d be surprised at how much fun you can have while working out as a couple!

While your version of a Valentine's Day couples workout might be different from, say, Anllela Sagra’s, we guarantee that if you take some time to workout with your partner, you won’t regret it.  You will be making memories together, laughing, burning calories and building muscle as well as your relationship.  

The Plank Challenge Workout

This might be the most fun you will have during a workout together.  Traditionally, these tunes like the Cupid Shuffle and Cha Cha Slides are songs we dance to at weddings.  But take the moves down on the dance floor, all the way down to a plank position, and you have yourself an awesome Valentine’s Day Plank Challenge.  You thought you knew these songs well, but try following along doing the plank, kickbacks and mountain climbers and you will be sure to get a great workout in.  Of course, there are different ways to do this challenge but these were the one we found most amusing.

Video by Dan Baldwin

Video by Dan Baldwin

90 Moves in 9 Minutes

While we don’t really think you can or should get all of these workout movies in during your Valentine’s Day workout, this video was too much fun not too share and completely loaded with great ideas.  Trish Blackwell and her training class go to great lengths to demonstrate tones of different partner exclusive workout moves done in only 9 minutes.  

We suggest checking out the video and finding 10 that you think would be really fun for you and your partner to do and then craft your own workout.  You might end up laughing and falling over on the floor more than getting your workout in, but that’s ok, you’re still building muscles and building your relationship.  

Video By Trish Blackwell

Who's Going To Give?

Buff Nerds has a good thing going in this video.  Taking the whole partner workout idea to the next level, these workouts are based on challenge and competition.  Each workout is done until failure, meaning until one of you gives up.  So if you and your partner enjoy a little competition then you will love doing this workout challenge.  Keep the fun spirit alive though and try to really encourage each other to hold out each exercise for as long as possible.  Remember, it’s Valentine’s Day, not UFC Fight Night.

Video by BuffNerds Abs

You Can Do It!!!

Alright, if you want a simple, doable, “get it in so we can get to the chocolate strawberries” workout with your partner, then check out this video from Betty Rocker.  Clear some space in your living room and give it your best shot for about 15 minutes and move on with your awesome Valentine’s Day plans.

Video by Betty Rocker

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