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What You Need To Know About Compression Sleeves

And Why You Should Wear Them

Compression sleeves for your arms and legs is not a new technology and have been around for decades.  They are seen in the marathon runner's world and previously known as the dorky striped tube socks.  In the medical industry, they have been prescribed to help maintain blood flow in diabetic and varicose veins patients.  

However, the benefits of using compression sleeves are now being recognized in the gym and by those who lead active lifestyles such as bodybuilders, weightlifters, nurses, cyclists, and boxers.

How do compression sleeves work?

By using graduated pressure, compression sleeves are designed to direct and regulate the blood flow through the leg or arm.  For a calf compression sleeve, the sleeve is tighter at the ankle and loosens as it moves up the calf.  

Most sleeves compressions are measured by a standard mmHg which stands for MilliMeters of Mercury, a term that deals with pressure and in this case, your blood pressure (without getting overly medical here!)  Most athletic calf compression sleeves are measured at 20-25 mmHg.

What can compression sleeves do for me?

The key benefit of wearing compression sleeves is to prevent injury and promote faster muscle recovering and blood flow to the working area.

Compression sleeves allow you to move freely during exercise but they will compress just enough to promote increased blood flow through your circulatory system.

Those who participate in daily rigorous workouts report that exercise feels easier when they wear compression clothing.  But, it is reported that the athlete performs about the same whether they wear the garments or not.  Compression sleeves are not a “slip on for instant super hero lifting powers.”  But by simply feeling better during the workout, an athlete can accomplish more during their gym routine and challenge the muscle group for better reps and higher limits.  

The recovery is where the difference is made.   The sleeve will augment the movement of blood through muscles after exercising when blood flow would otherwise slow down. This increase in circulation will help flush away some of the biochemical byproducts of hard workouts, like lactate, reducing inflammation and muscle aches.

Who can benefit from compression sleeves?

From the hardcore gym guru who kills it during a leg day workout to the diligent 12-hour shift worker who has to stand on their feet all day, calf compression sleeves are made to make your life easier.  Runners, hikers, boxers, MMA fighters, cyclist, nurses, cross trainers, athletes, obstacle course racers, and weightlifters all benefit from the habitual use of compression sleeves.  

Who wouldn’t want to lessen their recovery time and get the most out of their workouts by breathing life back into those sore and tired muscles?.

So, if you have been thinking about adding compression sleeves into your gym gear, then don’t hesitate.  The benefits far outweigh the costs and these days, the style has improved and you now have a huge variety to choose from.  

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