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Why I Hate Working Out

At a local cafe recently I couldn’t help but overhear a group of people complain about the different aspects of going to a gym.  It sounded like none of them were very committed to the idea of working out and that they expected results fast.  They were seriously knocking all the time it took away from their social life, the cost, and even how crowded it was,  It sounded like none of them were really committed and if you ask me, I wouldn't expect any of them were committed to making it a lifestyle.

So it got me thinking.  Why do I hate working out?  Like really, what are the things I hate most about it and why do I let these things consume my life?  There are just some things in life that shouldn’t be tolerated and I should really get under control.  This is my written out list of why I hate working out shared with you, the public, and at full disclosure.  

  • I hate the fact that over the past 2-3 years my body has changed in ways I never thought possible.  I used to notice other fit people and would wish I could somehow magically look like that.  Over time my body has developed these sleek, toned, strong muscles that just look like what I always wished for.  Yeah, really hate that.  I now have to look in the mirror and honestly like what I see.
  • It’s also annoying to have extra energy these days.  I used to think I never had time to workout and get everything I needed to get done in a day.  Now that I made working out my priority, I can’t help but realize that I actually feel more alive than ever.  It just blows my mind that I can get up early, get my workout in, and still get everything done.  The extra mental clarity, endorphins, and the libido kick are probably really bad for my health and I should stop right now.  

  • Yes, I work for Survival and Cross and it annoys the heck out of me that we offer clients quality products.  I'll miss shopping for expensive fitness gear.  I really hate all of the crazy deals my boss lets me give to people so they can improve their fitness lifestyle.  Running 20% off and 50% off promotions so people can build their own gyms in their garage and save money on gym memberships?  Really.  It’s like this company genuinely wants to help others.  All of the emails I read every day from people about how they improved their jump rope skills, knocking out consecutive double unders or how they have lost weight using Survival and Cross fitness products is just way too uplifting for me.   
  • I’ve had to start fighting the urge to jump on the bars at the park to do a bunch of pull-ups.  That’s really annoying and embarrassing for me!  Forget the fact that I couldn’t do a single muscle up before I started working out.  Now, I can actually do real push-ups (and not just the girl, legs crossed, push-ups mind you!).  I hate that I feel so strong and no longer weak and sluggish.
  • Hate I had to go get new clothes.  It’s not just that I dropped inches and weight, but the normal jeans just don’t fit right anymore. It's hard to cover up muscles.  Forget those cute little cap sleeves, with these guns, I just have to roll them up anyway.  Good thing the entirety of my closet already consists of 95% gym attire anyway!  It just really bothers me how my workouts have made me comfortable in my own skin.  No matter what’s on the outside, I know what’s underneath looks GOOD!


  • It is really infuriating that I am looking forward to the Holiday season this year.  In the past, I used to dread it because it meant gaining 5 lbs through the winter and spending way too much time starving trying to get rid of it.  Now, I know I can enjoy what I want in moderation and trust that the muscle mass I’ve gained will burn the extra calories fasters.  Yeah, anyone else hate these muscles?  It’s like they are actually doing what they were meant to do now instead of just letting fat stick itself all over.

  • Another thing that bugs me about my workout is that it always seems like it puts me in a better mood.  I might start out my workouts grumpy, but I’ve never regretted them once I’m done.  Walking around with a positive attitude and a true smile on my face is probably freaky to the rest of society and I should probably tone it down a few notches.  But seriously, my good attitude has turned me into a better wife, a better friend, a better co-worker.  It really hurts that being a better person has improved so many relationships in my life and has caused me to live every day to the fullest.  

So, to anyone who is still in the complaining stage of going to the gym every day, or carving out time for an at home HIIT, don’t worry.  You will always have something to gripe and complain about when it comes to working out.  Through the years, it will just change.  No one can deny the hard work, dedication, and years of consistency that this lifestyle will take.  But in the end, these regrets will shift and shed new light for you.  

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