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Why Your Mom Lifts More Than You

Mom's are driven, dedicated and determined creatures.  Not only do they take care an entire universe that consists of work, social life, healthy living life, and hobbies, but their ever-evolving universe also consists of the lives of other human beings who depend on them daily; like babies, kids and husbands.  

Their concern is rarely about themselves their needy desires but typically it's about the well being of the other miniature people running around their legs and the ones they love.  The momma bear syndrome is strong in their hearts and spirit.

Mom's don't live in a world where they pretend to care about the well being of their family and then haphazardly throw caution to the wind on a whim, letting down those who most depend on her.  

So, fit Mom's know the importance of lifting.  

Fit Mom's lift the cares and concerns of numerous loved ones on a daily basis.  But she also knows that lifting to make her body strong is what will keep her healthy and give her the superpowers to fiercely fight for the family she has brought into this work and loves.  

Mom's Lift More To Enjoy Their Body - Mom's body has done incredible things throughout her life.  From her teen years of volleyball and soccer to her college days of possible parties and studies.  It is a beautiful body that has seen many seasons and experience many things but one of the most astounding things was its role in bringing another human into the world.  Mom's body went from average weight and size to grow almost twice in size in a mere 9 months.  And if she's a Mother of many, she did this several times!

So Moms lift more to enjoy their body again.  Strength training allows women to build and regain muscle that was lost or not even their.  The muscles, in turn, burn more calories to promote a tone and lean body.  The Mom who lifts heavy weight daily is a Mom who is regaining their body and giving themselves the gift of being strong and feeling empowered. 

Mom's Lift More To Set An Example For Their Family I recently met a mom that competed in a triathlon. She noted how challenging it was to be away from family so much while she was training plus manage her household but with the next breath, she described how much of an impact she had on her kids showing them how to commit to something. They saw their mom drag herself to the pool on days she was tired, but also saw her eating like a champion when she needed to fuel for a workout. They witnessed first-hand true dedication and hard work. That is a lesson every kid, especially this generation, could use.  

Moms want to teach their kids how to care for their body, build strong muscle and live a healthier life giving them opportunities that they didn't have in their own childhood.  This is why Moms lift more. 

Mom's Lift More To Have "Me" Time - With the busy schedule, routine, and cares of the home that Mom's have to endure every day, their downtime is limited and often interrupted by the pitter-patter of little feet.  Mom's need to have "me" time outside of simply going to the bathroom.  Mom's will find themselves eager and ready to hit the gym and lift heavy when they know it allows them to chance to put on some tunes, dive into their own world and get in their workout. 

Allowing Mom to have this time to herself is important because the chemicals released during a workout help promote a healthy mind, even temperament and help battle mood swings and depression.  So let Mom lift, and let her have that small amount of time to for herself to improve her body, mind, and spirit.   

So Mom's lift more because Mom's have a bigger reason and a burning desire to conquer everything that comes their way.  It is the most selfless reason that has ever existed on earth and will ever exist.  Mom's lift more because they love their family and they love themselves so they can better care for their families.  

Happy Mother's day to all the #fitmom's out there.  Stay beautiful, stay loving and stay strong.

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