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Ability, Motivation, Attitude

Ability, motivation, and attitude.  These are key attributes that help determine your rate of success when it comes to the goals you wish to accomplish.  Since we’re all about the healthy living and lifestyle here, let's relate it to your fitness goals.

Your ability towards a certain skill set is always changing.  An ability can decrease or increase based on the amount of practice or time spent honing your skill.  In our case, your strength, endurance agility, and mobility in the gym. Working out takes skill and practice!  Your body has to get used to performing with correct form, the exercises you are asking it to do! Ability is easier of the three attributes to gain.  You just have to be willing to put in the work!

Motivation is what keeps you pushing you to improve your ability.  What motivates you to get up early before work and get your workout in?  Without motivation, your drive is lost and the likelihood of you quitting is increased.  Maybe your motivation is to get stronger, lose weight, impress your friends or partner or maybe it’s even bigger than all of those.  Maybe your motivation stems from a bad report you received from the doctor who says you need to get in shape or else. Whatever your motivation is, make sure it is a healthy motivation that drives you towards ability.

Attitude enhances your motivation.  If you are dragging yourself to the gym “one more time” and you're doing it begrudgingly, then your attitude will feed negatively into your motivation, and in the end, how you perform at the gym will suffer (ability).  Think about it like you “get” to go to the gym or this is “my” time to get away and do something for myself. No one is making you do this.

So let your attitude enhance your motivation to improve your ability today in whatever it is you are facing!  


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