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All About Attitude

Can you believe we are already halfway through the month of April?  The year is rolling along and you are either running ahead of it, crushing your goals, or you are on cruise control and letting life hit you as it comes, and hopefully, you are not scrambling behind trying to pick up the pieces.  

If you are one of those who is just trying to keep up with life instead of taking control of what is happening in it, have you ever stopped and wondered why?  

Often we find ourselves blaming other things for our own misfortunes.  Debbie downer anyone?

Attitude is everything, especially when it comes to overcoming obstacles you might be facing or achieving goals you have in place.  If you are always saying, “Oh I wish I could look like that because….” or “If I could only fit into a size…” then you are enabling yourself and not looking at the whole picture.  The fitness models and bodybuilding athletes you see on Instagram took years to look the way they look. And you been working out for a few months?

Don’t let a negative wishful attitude hold you back from the things you want to achieve.  And also, don’t be the person to talks bad about those who are already achieving their goals.  Buck up and put in the work if you want to be better, and feel better.

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